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Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Stop Loss With Trading Strategy

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Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Stop Loss With Trading Strategy

How To Improve Your Stop Loss With Trading Strategy

The most popular topics among traders  how to improve your stop loss. This forex blog outline from forex friend loan about innovative approaches to improve your stop loss with the trading strategy. Developing of a stop-loss trading strategy is one of the most important questions in the trading life of every active trader. A correctly developed trading strategy helps to protect earned a profit and to avoid dramatic losses that could wipe out all investments. There are several factors that define the main rules by which a stop-loss trading strategy is developed.

What is meant by stop loss in Forex market?
Stoploss is a buy or sells order which gets triggered position, once the price reaches a certain price. The aim here is to limit the loss on a security (buy or sell) position. A stop order to sell becomes a market order when the item is offered at or below the specified price.

Stop-loss trading strategy is one of the most popular topics among traders. There is no doubt about the importance of this question. A trader may have ten winning trades in a row, still, one loss could wipe out a whole earned profit if there were no strategy placed to protect the profit and limit losses. A selection of a stop-loss strategy looks simple from the first view. However, when it comes to a practical implementation, a lot of traders become confused by realizing that it is not as easy as it looks like and it could be even more complicated than generate trading signals. In many cases, a good trading system could fail if a stop-loss strategy is not used correctly and a bad trading system could be profitable if a smart stop-loss strategy is used.

A selection of stop-loss strategy is a complicated task mainly because it depends on many factors. Some of these factors are trader's risk tolerance, selected trading vehicle, trading style, stock market behaviour, etc...

Risk Tolerance: There are different traders on the stock market. There are conservative and risky players, there are retired people and there are young traders. Everybody has different risk level and in many cases, a stop-loss strategy depends on the personal preferences of a trader.

Trading style: Different traders trade differently. One trader makes 5 trades during a single session and another trader makes only one trade a year. Respectfully, the first trader could be looking for tight stop-loss strategy while the second trader could be looking for flexible, less strict stop-loss.

Trading Vehicle: You may trade stocks, options, futures and with any of these tools you would be looking for a different stop-loss. While a stock trader could be looking for a constant stop-loss level, an options trader may select two-dimensional stop-loss strategy (price and time: the longer you stay in position the tighter stop-loss become).

Trading Market Behaviour: The market changes constantly. Today you may see quiet peaceful up-trend; in a month you could be in the volatile, scary decline. Depending on market volatility a trader may select different trading strategies: tighter during quiet markets and riskier during volatile periods.

These are only a few factors that affect the selection of a stop-loss trading strategy. Yet, they already show how complex this question is. Every trader should come to this question very seriously. There is not a lot of information about that and in many cases, a trader has to learn and develop a stop-loss system by using his/her own trading experience.

Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Stop Loss With Trading Strategy

Sunday, 19 March 2017

10 Things To Do Immediately About Forex Success

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10 Things To Do Immediately About Forex Success

10 Trading Tips About Forex Success

Keep loosing in forex trading? Check this helpful trading tips from forex friend loan, 10 things to do immediately about forex success. If you are in a room with five different forex traders, it would not be uncommon for each and every one of them to have their own forex trading technique. It is a matter of taste and preference as there are many different styles and guidelines that one can choose when trading in the forex market. However, there are 10 cardinal rules in the world of currency trading that one must follow in order to achieve success. They are as follows:

10 Things To Do Immediately About Forex Success

1. Stay With Your Plan - for anyone to be successful in forex trading they must have a plan and stick with it. Besides your position size, your plan must also include your entry stop loss levels. In other words, you must know exactly when to take your profit and a when to get out of the trade. Having a good plan takes emotion out of trading.

2. Stay With The Trends - this is not brain surgery, the trend is a forex trend for reason and you should not try to fight it. If the trend shows a profit, you get in and take advantage of it and if it shows going short, then you go short. Going against trends is a surefire way to empty out your bankroll.

3. Capital Preservation Is A Key - protecting your money is the most important lesson that you can ever learn. Putting too much of your capital into one trade can result in a financial catastrophe. You should never risk more than 5% of your forex account on a single trade. There are many traders who get cocky and decided they can't lose after hitting multiple deals in a row and then dump everything they have into one trade and unfortunately, that is the loser in the air out of the market.

4. If It's A Loser, Get Out - there is no fighting is one. In the forex market, you will have some trades go bad and it is expected, but you just need to admit to your losses and get your money working back in other profitable trades. Setting up effective stop losses is a great tool to force yourself out of the trade, without emotions. Where you set these depends upon your risk profile.

5. Know When To Take Your Profit - whenever you get into a trade, you should have already decided when you want to get out. Don't get greedy if you hit your point harder than you thought as you think it might go much higher. You may get away with this a couple of times, but it is only a matter of time when he comes back to bite you.

6. Keep Your Calm - you cannot afford to have emotions during a trading day. Things like greed and fear will influence your trading in a negative way. If you look at any good trader you will see a temperament that will make it next to impossible to figure out if they are winning or losing money on the day. There just isn't any place in the forex market for an emotional person.

7. Do Your Own Research - taking advice from a friend or colleague that goes against your forex trading technique is just plain foolish. If you have a forex trading system that has proven time and time again to be profitable, don't try and take a quick fix and jump on someone else's coattails. If this is not an information you have verified, don't follow it. Stick to your own plan.

8. Keep A Journal - you need to keep track of everything you do. What position you took, why you took it and how the trade went down. What price you bought it and what price you soul that are all things that you want to make note of. In the long run, you can go back and look at your successes and failures and this will help you become a better trader.

9. If You're Not Sure, Don't Get In - this is something that cannot be stressed enough. If for any reason you have a doubt about a trade, you are better off staying away from it. There are always plenty of opportunities just around the corner as the currency market works 24 hours.

10. Don't Do Too Much - if you over trade, you may find yourself in a position where you cannot keep track of everything you have going on. Nobody should have any more than two open positions at one time. You should only enter your second position only if your first position is profitable. Don't think you have to do a trade just for the sake of doing it, wait for the right opportunities.

10 Things To Do Immediately About Forex Success

Thursday, 9 March 2017

4 Ways To Improve Free Network Marketing Leads

Are you in desperate need of qualified network marketing leads, but on a tight budget? Forget the nonsense you heard about buying leads or spending a ton of money to generate home business leads for your mlm business. Here are at least 4 proven and simple methods to generate leads all for your favourite 4 letter word, FREE.

4 Ways To Improve Free Network Marketing Leads

As a home based business owner, you know that good network marketing leads are key to you mlm success. The issue is that most network marketers are part-time in the industry and don't have a whole lot of cash to start off with. You shouldn't be discouraged by that since you don't need a huge budget to be successful in network marketing. There are many techniques that you can use to generate free network marketing leads at a much better quality than leads that are bought.

I'm gonna share with you 4 sure fire ways to generate network marketing leads for your mlm home based business.

1. Forums - Find a couple of active discussion forums, sign up and get involved. Two fantastic forums for network marketers are the Warrior Forum and the forum at Better Networker. You can also use Google to find forums. Just type in your niche followed by a plus sign and the word forums. Be sure that any forum you sign up in permits you to post a signature file as well. This is the main reason for joining forums. A signature file is attached to every post you make and it includes your name and a link back to your blog, capture page, website, etc.

2. Blog comments - You want to comment on active blogs that have a high readership and low alexa ranking. Most blogs allow you to leave comments with a picture and a link back to your blog as well, which creates backlinks for you. Backlinks create higher search engine traffic which in turn creates leads. You'll also be able to connect with other marketers by the quality of comment you leave. So, be sure you're adding value to the blog because it reflects on you.

3. Article Marketing - Article marketing is simply writing brief quality articles and placing them in directories like Articles Factory. Doing this gives the directories the permission to publish your articles all over the internet. How can this help you get network marketing leads? Because your article contains something called an author box, or a bio-box. This is the area where you lead readers back to your blog, capture page, affiliate link, etc. This is long-term strategy that will definitely bring you traffic and money if you are consistent. Article marketing is a type of traffic generator that even if you wanted to stop the traffic flow, you couldn't. This is my favourite strategy to generate quality network marketing leads.

4. Social Media - Twitter and Facebook can get you lots of exposure. It is a way for you to get your brand out there and build your list. You can create groups, start fan pages, interact in tribes, etc. Recognize that this helps you to get mini-lists of people that you now can market to and prospect for your company. Much of this activity can also be automated to leverage your time.

Now how's that for generating network marketing leads?

But that's not all to it...

As you can see, you must point these leads somewhere and if you don't have a solid network marketing business plan in place to convert these leads, you have just lost a ton of precious leads that might have led to sign-ups in your mlm home based business and/or nice affiliate commissions from product sales. Your possibilities are limitless with the right system in place.

There are countless network marketing leads that can be captured by means of these easy techniques and a fail-proof system.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Secret of Forex Trading - Use Forex Leverage Wisely


The Forex trade market has a distinct special feature that allows you to earn enormous profits fast- leverage. However, you have to use Forex leverage wisely as it can also bring you big loses fast,...

What is leverage in forex trading?
When an investor decides to invest in the forex market, he or she must first open up a margin account with a broker. Usually, the amount of leverage provided is either 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1, depending on the broker and the size of the position the investor is trading. ... The leverage provided on a trade like this is 100:1.

What is a leveraged product?
Leveraged products are financial instruments that enable traders to gain greater exposure to the market without increasing their capital investment. They do so by using leverage. Any financial instrument that allows you to take a position that is worth more on the market than your initial outlay is a leveraged product.

The Forex trade market has a distinct special feature that allows you to earn enormous profits fast- leverage. However, you have to use Forex leverage wisely as it can also bring you big loses fast, and even wipe out your investment completely.

Here's how Forex leverage works. You will have the power to trade your one (1) dollar capital to a position worth one hundred (100) dollars and generate profit from the one hundred (100) dollars, working on a ratio of 1:100. The leverage rates in Forex can go very high depending on the offer of the brokers. Do you now see the potential of earning huge profits just by leveraging?

But there's a downside to this feature. The risk of incurring big loses is equal as that of earning your huge profits. What this means is that with the ability of Forex leverage to transform the trade one (1) hundred times bigger, you are also capable to lose your capital by as much. Again, based on a ratio of 1:100, if the trade goes against your favor, you can lose your entire capital even on a single trading with leverage.
It is crucial therefore to know how and when to use Forex leverage to your advantage. Leveraging is used by Forex brokers often to attract people to trade big so the brokers themselves can earn big, as they earn 

interest from the amount that they lend you as leverage.
Forex leverage is an easy tool to earn big profits from the trade as long as you learn how to use it judiciously. You should be able to balance the upside and downside of leveraging to earn optimum results with minimal risks.

Margin-Based Leverage
To determine margin-based leverage, divide the total transaction amount by the level of margin you are required to put up. (For more insight, check out Margin Trading.) 

Margin-Based Leverage =Total Value of Transaction
Margin Required

For example, if you're required to deposit 1% of the total transaction amount as margin and you are trading one standard lot of USD/JPY which is equivalent to US$100,000, the margin requirement is US$1,000. So, your margin-based leverage is 100:1 (100,000/1,000). For a margin requirement of 0.25%, the margin-based leverage is then 400:1.

Real Leverage
To determine your real leverage, divide the total face value of your open positions by your trading capital.
Real Leverage =Total Value of Transaction
Total Trading Capital
For example, if you have $10,000 in your trading account, and you open a $100,000 position (one standard lot), you will be trading with 10x leverage in your account (100,000/10,000). Now, if you trade two standard lots($200,000) with $10,000 in your account, then your leverage on the account is 20x (200,000/10,000).

Risk of Excessive Real Leverage
So as you can see, real leverage has the ability to magnify your profits or losses by the same magnitude. The greater the leverage you use, the higher the risk that you take on. Keep in mind that this risk is not necessarily related to margin-based leverage, but it can influence if you're not careful.

Take a look at the chart below to see how the trading accounts of these two traders compare after their 100-pip losses.

Trader XTrader Y
Trading Capital$10,000$10,000
Real Leverage Used50 times5 times
Total Value of Transaction$500,000$50,000
In the Case of a 100-Pip Loss-$4,150-$415
% Loss of Trading Capital41.5%4.15%
% of Trading Capital Remaining58.5%95.8%
Figure 1: All figures in U.S. dollars

Excessive Leverage Can Kill
By allotting a lesser amount of real leverage on each trade, you can give your trade a little more room for error by setting a wider but reasonable stop thus avoiding risking too much of your money. Highly-leveraged trades that move in the wrong direction can eat up your capital quickly due to larger lot sizes. If you only remember one thing from this, remember that leverage is totally flexible and customizable to your needs, so be sure to use leverage wisely and don't go for that home-run every time.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Learn How I Improved Marketing On Facebook In 2 Days

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Learn How I Improved Marketing On Facebook In 2 Days

Learn How I Make Money On Facebook Marketing In 2 Days 

Internet marketing tips for learn how i improved marketing on facebook in 2 days. Facebook has grown to become more than just a social networking platform to keep in touch with your friends and family. In fact, if you are using Facebook for just that, you are missing out on some very powerful marketing opportunities. If you run a business, any shape or size, then Facebook is the place to be!

Facebook pages are an incredibly powerful marketing tool that lets you showcase your products and services and build your brand image among your audience. However, in order to leverage the full potential of Facebook as a marketing platform, you need to have in place a sound marketing strategy!

Marketing on Facebook - 6 Rules to seek success.

1. Consider Quality over Quantity

Even though one of the basic rules of marketing requires you to be persistent with your marketing message, Facebook is not the place to employ it. Fan Pages are a great way to share stuff with your 'fans' but if you go overboard with your postings, they will only end up 'hiding' you from their feeds. Remember, quality scores over quantity. Focus on sharing rich and relevant information rather than the number of times you hit the ‘share’ button.

2. Establish an Emotional Connection

One of the chief characteristics of a successful marketing campaign is that they form an emotional connection with their audience. Your marketing messages should be something your audience can relate to. Only when your readers can identify with what you have to say, will they be encouraged to respond to your messages.

3. Offer Value Addition

Your updates on Facebook, apart from being the marketing voice of your company, should offer your readers real value. If your posts are useful to your fans, they will look forward to your updates and not automatically delete them.

4. Interactivity is the Key

Instead of creating a one-way dialogue, focus on creating a two-way conversation. Facebook Fan Pages also provide a ‘Discussions’ tab where you can invite fans to share their views and comments. This not only engages your fans, but also provides ample opportunity for market research. You can simply float an idea and see what kind of response it gathers. You can then make a more informed and tested business decision.

5. Respond to Responses

When your fans post a question or comment on your Facebook Page, make sure you acknowledge it. Make it a point to respond to questions and feedback almost immediately. It will let them know that you value their opinion and are listening to what they have to say. If someone posts a complaint or negative feedback, waste no time to address their concerns and reassure them of a relevant solution. This goes a long way in building trust and gaining the confidence of your audience.

6. Keep it Simple & Seamless

Whatever you use your Facebook Fan Page for, be it running a promotion, or organizing a contest or doing a giveaway... be sure that you keep the process utterly simple and seamless. Don't make the process overtly complex for your fans or else they will lose interest and won't respond at all. A simple and seamless procedure encourages them to participate and contribute.

Learn How I Improved Marketing On Facebook In 2 Days