Monday, 24 October 2016

Learn to Trade Forex Successful Using the 4 Types of Forex Trading Indicators

If you are already an experienced forex trader, are you using the correct combinations of technical indicators to help you profit consistently in the forex market? If you are still not sure, we'll 

Learn to Trade Forex Successful Using the 4 Types of Forex Trading Indicators

If you are already an experienced forex trader, are you using the correct combinations of technical indicators to help you profit consistently in the forex market? If you are still not sure, we'll discuss the following 4 different types of forex technical indicators below:

1. Trend Indicators - Also known as Directional Indicators. I have always reminded my students, 'Trend is your best friend and always trade in the direction of a trend'. A forex trend may be quite subjective to different traders as they may have different views on trendiness. So those trend indicators out there in the forex market can help traders detect the starting and ending of a trend. Some of the more popular trend following indicators includes MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), MA (Moving Average), Parabolic SAR. Depending just on trend indicators is not enough, you may need Momentum Indicator(s) to enter and/or exit a trade.

2. Momentum indicator - Also known as Strength Indicators. It is described as the speed of a move in price over a period of time. They are oscillators which are able to indicate whether the forex market is in the overbought or oversold regions. If they have risen to the overbought zone, there is high possibility that the price will be going down, and if they have fallen to oversold zone, there is high possibility price will be going up. Some of the more popular oscillating indicators in forex trading include Stochastic, Momentum, RSI (Relative Strength Index), CCI (Commodity Channel Index).

3. Volatility indicators - Also known as Bands Indicators. Often, a change in volatility will lead to a change in price. Therefore, we can see how active the forex market is just by looking at the price ranges. You may want to trade when there is a dramatic change in price movements, which suggests that the market is actively trading forex. Some of the more popular Volatility Indicator includes BB (Bollinger Bands), ATR (Average True Range), Envelopes.

4. Volume indicator - They are used to show the volume of forex trading and are useful to confirm the direction of a trend, a reversal or a breakout. Price movements increase when the volume increases, low volume may warn of a reversal in a forex trade. If a currency pair trades from a narrow range and then breaks out on high volume, this is a strong signal and may suggest a breakout. Some of the more widely used Volume Indicator includes Demand Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Money Flow Index, Ease Of Movement, OBV (On Balance Volume).

I'm sure that after the above discussions, you should have a better idea of the different types of forex technical indicators. While they can greatly help you in technical analysis and make trading decisions, I want to stress that NO forex indicators is holy grail. The indicators are just a confirmation of history and a guide for the future. Most importantly, you need to know the right combination of the forex technical indicators to get you profitable consistently in the long haul. You can find a forex trading system which has a very good combination of indicators in my forex ebook which I give for FREE. Good trading to all.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How To Create Redirect Pages For Your Affiliate Links

How to Create Redirect Pages for your Affiliate Links, How To Promote Your Affiliate Links, Make Money Posting Targeted Contents, Affiliate

How To Create Redirect Pages For Your Affiliate Links

As an ... I use ... links at various places ... my web site, in emails and in other online ... These ... links are usually long and have a number or word to define who

As an affiliate I use affiliate links at various places throughout my web site, in emails and in other online 
promotions. These affiliate links are usually long and have a number or word to define who the affiliate is. 

As well as using these ‘direct’ affiliate links I have also used redirect pages (or what I might call ‘indirect’ affiliate links) on my web site as well. These are blank web 
pages whose sole purpose is to redirect the visitor to the affiliate page.

Make Money Posting Targeted Contents

I recently did a comparison between direct affiliate links and redirect pages and the results were astounding! 

The redirect pages outperformed direct affiliate links about 2 to 1 when placed in the same position on my web site. This meant twice as many people were clicking the indirect affiliate 
link as were clicking the direct affiliate link. Why?

I have no idea about the logic behind this but it appears that visitors are less inclined to click a link when they know it is an affiliate link. They would rather have the thought in their 
mind “I want to buy direct”. 

I must admit I do not think like this because I have bought many times through affiliate links but I guess I’m an affiliate so perhaps I think differently to people who are not affiliates.

So if redirect pages work so well, how do you create one? 

It’s really simpler than you might think. 

First, create a new web page on your site. Just leave it as a blank page. 

How To Promote Your Affiliate Links

Then just put the following piece of code between the header tags:


You will need to replace the URL “” with 
your own affiliate program link. 

If you are in 5 different affiliate programs you will need to set up 5 separate pages for each affiliate link. 

Now you can use each redirect page link in your promotions instead of the affiliate link. 

When someone clicks on your redirect page link the following 2 things happen:

1. They get taken to your redirect page which is a blank page. This lasts a few seconds. 

2. The command in your header tag then forwards the visitor directly to the affiliate site. 

The best thing about redirect pages is they do not look like affiliate links. They just look like normal pages. For those people that DO have a problem buying through affiliate links
they are unaware that the redirect page is actually an affiliate link. 

Try using redirect pages for your affiliate links. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

How to Create Redirect Pages for your Affiliate Links, How To Promote Your Affiliate Links, Make Money Posting Targeted Contents, Affiliate

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Do People Make Money On Twitter

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Do People Make Money On Twitter

Turn Your Twitter Account Into Make Money

Do people make money on twitter. Thinking of how to make money using Twitter? This blog will be helpful in understanding what Twitter is and how you can effectively use it to generate targeted traffic for your online business. More traffic will bring in more customers and eventually increase your profit.

First of all, Twitter is one of the fastest growing websites today. Different types of people simply love this website because it serves as a great way for them to communicate with other people from different parts of the world.


Twitter is basically a free social networking website where it allows members to send and also read messages that are called tweets.

The tweets are available for a person’s follow to view. They can be friends or family members or just about anyone you know.

The great thing about it is that you can also restrict the messages to certain groups or friends to see. And because of the fact that twitter is free and easy to use, a lot of people use them.


People today are now taking advantage of Twitter by advertising their products or to promote their businesses.

You can even use Twitter to advertise your webpage or website in order for you to get targeted traffic flowing into your website and start making some money.

Tell them about your promotions, if you have a sale, or just subtle hints of why they should check out your site. As you can see, Twitter is a very useful tool for internet marketers.

Once you collected enough followers, you will be able to start getting your followers to visit your website and click on links to your affiliate website and start earning some cash.


So, if you are an internet marketer who is trying to figure out how to get targeted traffic in your website, you may want to consider using Twitter.

Through this networking website, you will be able to get followers and eventually generate targeted traffic in to your website, which is highly essential in becoming a successful internet marketer.

Do People Make Money On Twitter

Monday, 10 October 2016

Chart Simple Moving Average To Your Currency Trading Program

Chart Simple Moving Average To Your Currency Trading Program, Chart, Simple, Moving, Average, To, Your, Currency, Trading, Program, Trend, Trader

Chart Simple Moving Average To Your Currency Trading Program

Why My Chart Simple Moving Average To Your Currency Trading Program Is Better Than Yours

Chart simple moving average to your currency trading program. Technical chart trading is very popular among experienced trading where they use it to determine the support and resistance and the trend of the stock or currency. When combine with a number indicator and different time period, will yield very positive results in trading.

Simple Moving Average
This is one of the most frequently used indicator for charting any time frame. Simple moving average or SMA is actually adding up the total no. of currency price and divide by the total no. currency time frame. For example 10 SMA meaning 10 time frame of the selected chart, add all the 10 currency price together, then divide by 10 to get the average, thus we call it simple moving average. All the weight age of the last 10 time frame are equal. 

9, 18, 50 and 200
Continuous SMA will show the  trend for the currency for the last few designated time frame. Commonly used time frame are 9 and 18 together with 50 and 200. Both are used in pairs to show the short term movement and long term movement. Crossing of 9 and 18 SMA are commonly refer to start of a up trend or down trend, while crossing of 50 and 200 SMA will refer to end of a down trend or up trend.

SMA on high and low
This indicator can also applied to daily or hourly high and low prices. Especially useful when setting the profit target and stop loss when trading channel and trending market. With high SMA and Low SMA, you can easily see a channel of upper limits and lower limits. Similar to Bollilinger Bands but are average base on last few high or low price instead.

Use together with Relative Strength Index (RSI)
When using this indicator with RSI, it can indicate the point of reversal for a trend. RSI peaks at 20 and 80 value, will show sign of weakening of the trend with SMA changing direction. By applying trade executing when the indicator show changing trend, trader can earn huge profits if enter the market early when the trend begin to change.

SMA with Open and Close
Some trader uses the open and close price as a time indicator of the trend for that day or hour. Will simple moving average as a median point line, currency that opens with gap in their open and close (previous time frame), below or above the median point will indicate a possible increase/decrease of the price due to news or fundamental influence. This is a great catch for automated trading.

Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD) =  SMA (Y) – SMA (X)
This indicator take 2 simple moving average with different timeframe, by subtracting the short and the long timeframe indicator, it show an momentum on the currency trend. Sign of entering trades are when the 2 different indicator cross over each other or cross over the zero line. This will indicate the beginning of trend and the ongoing of the trend respectively. If use wisely, traders can enter a lot of profitable trades during strong fundamental backing of the currency. 

Note: MACD uses exponential moving average and in this articles is simply for easiler understanding. Trader are to check the correct algorithm of the indicator prior to using it for his trading purpose.

Chart Simple Moving Average To Your Currency Trading Program

Monday, 3 October 2016

Forex Trading Strategy Is The Key To Success

When you enter the Forex trading business, you need to be prepared that it will not be cakewalk. It calls for a lot of planning and decision making. Without the proper Forex trading strategy, you will find it difficult to make much headway.

Before stepping into the Forex trading market, you need to have a certain strategies in mind. A well thought out Forex trading strategy can be your key to success. It can also keep you on the safer side and help to minimize your losses.

 Forex Trading Strategy Is The Key To Success

Implement a Proper Trading Plan and Don’t Trade Beyond Your Means
It is very important to have a trading plan and when dealing in Forex trading. Once you have a plan, let nothing deter you from it. Remember, there is no place for emotions in trading. Following your emotions blindly is a sure shot recipe to disaster. Whenever you trade, it should be in a cool and calm frame of mind.
A very good Forex trading strategy is that you should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. Not to say, that you want to lose anything, but whenever you invest money or trade in it, you should always use money that you can do without, money that is in excess of your requirements. It is never a good idea to touch upon the money that you require to run your house and fulfill the basic requirements of your house.

Understand the Trends of the Market
In Forex trading, market trends are your closest friends. If you are able to understand trends and make somewhat accurate predictions, you will be quite successful as a trader. Understand that there may be short term fluctuations in the currency values. After all, the market is volatile. However, you should always refer to the long term trends and not be worried about periodic ups and downs.
Another important Forex trading strategy is riding the Forex market till it shows signs of turning around. Do not be greedy and ride the win too long, else you might just be caught off guard and lose money.

Trade Wisely
A lot of newcomers tend to look for some signs or leading indicators that will help them make a good trading decision. The truth is, in the Forex market, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to predict the future accurately. Some software can help you make calculated speculations, but they could easily swing one way as the other.
A sound Forex trading strategy is that you should stick to popular currency for trading and stay away from thin market. Since there is very little public participation in the thin market, you will not be able to liquidate your position easily. Moreover, trading in too many markets is not advisable. Stick to the popular currency pairs till you learn to do better.

Update your Knowledge
Lear, learn and learn some more – and that’s a Forex trading strategy that will never fail you. Work towards gaining in depth knowledge in this field, so that you can become an astute trader. Read up as much as you can on the subject and add to your existing information. While a newcomer can get by with some general guidelines and tips, a seasoned Forex trader will need more knowledge to make decisions.