Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Learn How To Catch Forex Trends

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Learn How To Catch Forex Trends

Catching Trends In Forex

Learn how to catch forex trends in this forex blog. A cool video on catching trends in forex was revealed for the 1st time today... and the buzz about it is building quickly. It's called "Trend Catcher" and it uses a with this strategy and the template that is unique combination of indicators available on any meta trader platform.

Trades so I suggest you check it out while dedicated to it, you can literally start catching trends at optimal times for big-pip it's still up. both the strategy and template is available and the best thing... for a limited time, to you at absolutely no charge.

Some of these winners can be monster 500+ pips.

This strategy exploits 2 very well known trading indicators that when used together, produce winning trades consistently.


If you understand the importance of trends pip trades that ride the underlying trend from near-start to near-end giving new meaning to the saying "the trend is your friend".

Exactly how to do it yourself. However... but want a simple and profitable system, check this out today;

It gets straight into the details showing you However, if you want some real strategy and these videos are no-hype/no-BS, so if you're expecting a salesy video with no real info from an actor that's just trying to sell you "the dream", don't bother.

Download the special guide so you can start mastering the art of catching trends

Enjoy this trend-following system... I know the template to trade it, without having to buy anything, check it out today and start using a system that actually produces good consistent results.

you're going to love it.

ps - this strategy will only be available for a short time so watch it today while its still up

Learn How To Catch Forex Trends

Monday, 23 May 2016

Currency Trading Mastery - 5 Tips to Master Your Emotions In Forex Trading

Currency Trading Mastery - 5 Tips To Master Your Emotions In Forex Trading, Currency, Trading, Mastery, 5, Tips, To, Master, Your, Emotions, In, Forex, Trading

Currency Trading Mastery - 5 Tips to Master Your Emotions In Forex Trading

5 Things To Do Immediately About To Master Your Emotions In Forex Trading

Many people lost money in forex trading not because they do not have a good forex trading system, a forex strategy or a set of rules they do not follow, but it's the psychology barrier that they have to get over it. They cannot beat their emotions and that caused them to make wrong decisions and lose their trading capital in a flash.

Forex trading psychology  is the most important factor for trading success or failure, but it's sad to say that many traders do not have that factor as priority and instead keep looking for better forex trading strategies.

1. Do what you are supposed to do. When the trend is weakening, you should take steps to protect your profits regardless of the forex systems that you are using. Remember that in forex trading, you should be thinking how to minimize losses first and not thinking how to win.

Even a breakeven trade is considered a successful trade because it's not a loss. Likewise when the trend goes in your direction, you will want to set a higher level profit target and on the same time protect your floating profits.


2. You do not like, hate or fall in love with your trades. The currencies pairs are not your friends in the forex market and your only friend is forex trading psychology. Trading with a plan is the #1 forex tips because when a trader is already in a trade position, he/she tends to see the market differently from the first time of analysis. He hopes that the trade will move in favor of him and neglect the factors which may change the market conditions.

3. Increase your position size accordingly. Increase your position size when you have an increase of maybe 10% of your account, this is to build up your trading capital. Likewise, you should reduce the lot size that you are trading when your account have reduced by 10%.

4. Expect the unexpected. In forex trading, always be prepared for both good and bad things. Understand those events and be prepared, so that you can take necessary actions when it happens to you. A good forex trading psychology is where you can take into consideration things that are unpredictable in the forex market.

For example, if the trade is going in your direction, you must have a mental preparation that it can go against you anytime, so that you will not be surprised if that really happens.

5. Remain emotionally detached. A good forex strategy is that you don't check how is your trade going on every now and then. If you keep watching it, you are going to make wrong decisions I can guarantee you! This is because greed and panic may happen and therefore you adjust the trade. Just leave it to the market to hit stop loss or profit target once you have traded.

Currency Trading Mastery - 5 Tips to Master Your Emotions In Forex Trading

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Forex Trading Can Be Rather Intimidating For Beginners

Forex Trading Can Be Rather Intimidating For Beginners, Forex, Trading, Can, Be, Rather, Intimidating, For, Beginners, Learn, Blog, Currency

Forex Trading Can Be Rather Intimidating For Beginners

Currency Trading Can Be Rather Intimidating for Beginners

Today we learn about forex trading can be rather intimidating for beginners in this blog. Learning to master Forex trading online for someone who has no background in the financial markets can be rather intimidating. When it comes to Forex trading, understanding the terminology and the Forex trading strategies before you begin is vital - especially if you want to see some measure of success. But with all the simplicity and promises of wealth, the fact is that the Forex trading is a very risky business.

Learning to master Forex trading online for someone who has no background in the financial markets can be rather intimidating. When it comes to Forex trading, understanding the terminology and the Forex trading strategies before you begin is vital - especially if you want to see some measure of success.
But with all the simplicity and promises of wealth, the fact is that the Forex trading is a very risky business. It is a fact that people who didn't have the right knowledge and skills trading in the Forex marketplace suffered large financial losses and some even went into debt. Many people who did well in the Forex marketplace however first of all gained the knowledge and skills necessary to do successful trading in this very liquid and very large economic marketplace.

Beginner Forex traders must invest in their knowledge base first. If you are serious about investing in Forex market, building up your trading skills and knowledge is the very first step that you must take. Forex traders must secondly get the right trading system and strategies in place. It is wise to research very well and consider all the various brokers' system available to you before making your choice. Although learning as you go will probably work for most people, it might also be a good idea to invest in an e-book on trading the Forex or check out some of the more general sites that offer free training tools and online how-to articles and guides about Forex trading for beginners.

As a Forex trading beginner you may not be accustomed yet to the hustle and bustle of forex trading. You may have heard that getting started in Forex trading is easy and instant. But finding a proven system that fits with your trading personality and style may take some time. Be sure to stick with it until you make it work for you.

Why Currency Trading Difficult Market For Beginners

Currency trading used to be the exclusive territory of large market operators, but it’s now accessible to the general public and there are many resources available to help beginning traders achieve success. That being said, those same traders will want to consider the following information about the market before they get started.

Why Forex
There are several reasons forex can be an attractive market, even for beginners who have little experience. The forex market is accessible, requiring only a small deposit of funds for traders to get involved. Also, the market is open for 24 hours per day/5 days a week (it’s closed for a short period on weekends). This means that traders can get into the market at any time of day, even when other more centralised markets are closed.

The Risks
Currency trading does involve high risk, and traders should be aware of this before jumping into the market.

The bulk of currency trading around the global is still done among major banks and financial institutions. These entities generally have more information, leverage and technology resources than individual traders. As a result, traders in the retail forex market often find themselves under the influence of market movements they may have little or no power to control.

Also, in some situations of price volatility, traders may also be exposed to “execution risk,” which occurs when market orders are not able to be filled at exactly the same price that was requested.

How To Get Started
While the currency market can be complex and may require some study for traders to become familiar with it and trade successfully, getting involved in forex trading is relatively simple.

Aspiring traders who are new to the market will need to:
  • Set up a trading account at a forex broker
  • Install a trading platform on their home computer or mobile device using the broker’s trading software.
  • Deposit small fund in their trading account before beginning trading.
Once they have their account set up, traders will have access to live price movements, enter orders and set up trading strategies. Currencies are traded in pairs, so every time a trader buys one currency, they are selling another. Many currency pairs are available for trading, involving several major currencies and also a number of less-well-known, or minor, currencies.

Demo Account
Before diving headlong into the forex market, traders will do well to test the waters with a demo trading account. Many brokers offer this service so traders can get used to the trading and currency market environment.

Demo accounts will allow traders to track actual market situations and simulate trading strategies and trades so they can practice trading without having to put any money on the line. Once they feel confident they are ready to begin, they can then go live on a real trading account.

Read The News
Many experienced traders make use of technical analysis of prices, but most are familiar with the fundamental factors influencing the currencies they’re trading. It’s a good idea to get to know the countries and national policies governing the currency you are planning to trade. This may also include getting to know the calendar of key data releases, such as interest rate decisions, and national trade and balance of payments information.

Most brokerages will offer traders access to margin to leverage their trades under guarantee of a deposit in a margin account. Margin functions as loan collateral to help multiply the amount of funds that are effectively placed on a trade and potentially also multiply profits.

However, margin can also multiply losses if a trade is unsuccessful. Given this, it’s typically wise for traders to begin trading with a small amount of leverage and increase it only once they have begun to gain confidence in the success of their trading strategies.

Risk Reward Ratio
One helpful rule of thumb traders use to minimise their risk is to trade with a “risk-reward ratio” in mind. This means that when they enter a buy or sell order, they will set a stop-loss allowing a given amount of risk and a limit (or profit limit) at a given amount of profit that is a multiple of the amount of their risk.

Typically, the ratios might range from 1-to-1 to 1-to-5 (or more), depending on the trader’s risk tolerance. For beginners, what may be counter-intuitive is the old adage of “let your profits run.” This means that they will want to assure that they can get enough profit out of any given trade to assure that their overall trading activity less any commission, fee or tax costs is profitable.

What often happens in forex trading, however, is traders get “stopped out,” meaning their stop losses are triggered and their traders are cashed out at a loss before they have a chance to make a profit. These are some of the reasons why traders may want to carefully study the market environment they are trading in and come up with a promising trading strategy before putting money down on a trade.

Trading Styles
Traders may use a variety of styles, depending on what is most comfortable for them. Generally, these may affect the amount of time and intensity of the activity they dedicate to trading during their week.
  • “Day traders” will be looking at short time frames of minutes or hours to complete their trades.
  • “Swing traders” may trade on market tendencies within a period of one day to a week.
  • “Position traders” may trade over time frames of one week to a month or more.
Swing and position traders may need to dedicate less time to following short-term movements in the markets, allowing them more time to dedicate to other activities. However, they may also need to take on larger amounts of risk to account for price volatility over time and use lower leverage, meaning their profits could be relatively lower.

Forex is a fast-moving and accessible market with potential for rewards as well as losses beyond initial investments, even for beginning traders. Forex trading is not more difficult than trading in other markets, but the forex market does present its own particular conditions, behaviour and risks that beginners should be aware of before they start.

Your currency trading education can be critical in determining your success when trading these currencies online.

Forex Trading Can Be Rather Intimidating For Beginners

Monday, 9 May 2016

Best Forex Trading Tips For Traders

Best Forex Trading Tips For Traders, Best, Forex, Trading, Tips, For, Traders, Currency, Blogs, Volatility, Investment, Market, Tips

Best Forex Trading Tips For Traders

Why Most Forex Trading Tips For Beginner Trader Fail

As the Forex global currency trading system has the highest volatility of any investment market today, it's absolutely vital that you get access to as many forex trading tips to fast track your Forex education

Begin with a Demo Account - It's hard to get an idea of what the forex currency exchange is really like without having ever traded in it. You can read as many informative forex blogs or guides on it, but ultimately you need that real world experience to best get a quick handle on it. Demo trading is offered for free to all new traders and enables you to trade under real market conditions but without risking any real money of yours.


if you want to learn currency trading exchange the right way, you need to understand that you need a trading edge. A trading edge is something you have and will allow you to make FX profits, when 90% of traders lose.

You need to know, be able to define it, have confidence in it and be able to apply it with discipline.

 To help you monitor the market activities, especially if you do not want to sit in front of your computer all day, you might consider using an automatic robot system. These robot systems are what we call Forex trading robots. Most of these systems are designed to monitor the market conditions and report on them. The robot systems have been developed and designed by expert currency traders

The only guaranteed tip for success in the foreign currency exchange market is to stick to trends. Whereas studying financial backgrounds of a country, analyzing governmental, population, technology, and other factors of a country can give you some idea of where a currency will go next can help, this is all but impossible to do and at the end of the day it's still guesswork.

Trading on different currency pairs or at different entry points on the same pair is a good strategy. This way, you are not putting all of your odds on one trade. Try to find the trend in longer period charts first. Look at the weekly chart and see which direction a particular currency pair is trending. Once you find that, move to the 1 hour chart. If it's trending in the same direction on the 1 hour chart, watch for your entry point to make a trade.

Obtain a software trading product that you can adjust to your personal investment style every one has their own style and different nature to take the risk while trading. your software should suit your style and approach which makes you feel better. The top rated products can be pre-program into the system by using some variables to make sure that they not only work as their default design but also suit your style of trading to get more profits.

Best Forex Trading Tips For Traders