Tuesday, 22 March 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Loan Applications Go Direct To the Trash Can

If you apply for loans and you never even get a confirmation whether your application has been received, there is a great chance that your application was trashed immediately it was received. Every lending institutions must have some degree of certainty that the borrower will repay the amount he or she receives before approving a loan.
 5 Reasons Why Your Loan Applications Go Direct To the Trash Can
While the lender will focus mostly on your financial capability, or your borrowing history, there are other minor issues that could lead to denial of funds. Here at Forex with Friends, seemingly minor issues are the main reason why most loan applications go directly to the trash bin. Knowing what they are will help you get quicker approval next time you apply for a loan.

Zero Attention To Details

The best borrowers are those who pay attention to detail because they are very easy to deal with. Also, they are the ones who are likely to pay back their loans on time. The loan application form we ask you to fill is very short so there is no excuse of filling in the wrong details. When we find an application with some wrong details, it signals someone who does not pay attention to detail.

Some people have submitted loan application forms

-Without filling the amount they want for a loan

- With their email or last name in the username field

- Without specifying the loan type they want

Playing the system

On this platform we want to make it very easy for you to get the money. So, the rules we impose are not hurdles to make it harder for you to get a loan. Actually most of them are just ways to expose the platform to more people. So when we ask you to upload a profile photo, stop thinking of ways to beat the system – like uploading one then taking it down immediately you get the loan, or when we ask you to share a message on social media, you do it but you restrict the post only to yourself. It’s for everyone’s benefit if this platform gets more members.

Disregarding rules

Every lending institution has its rules. Ours are very simple so, it is really bad for you to disregard them. For instance, to get a normal loan, we just want you to invite a few people to join the platform or alternatively, you take the free Forex funds and make repayments on time. Remember, when we say invite people, its gold or silver members. Also, if you take the free Forex fund and make a full repayment the next day, it won’t count because you are just playing the system.


It only takes one application to get a loan. The reason why you would send four or five applications is a huge mystery to us. After all you are only increasing the workload of the people reviewing these applications so, it will take longer for everyone to get their money. This is why multiple loan applications by the same individual are trashed immediately.


It’s very clear what it takes for one to get a loan here. Either you can invite people, or apply for the free Forex funds. Also, if you have already applied for a loan, you have to make repayments before you can apply for a new loan. Some people are fond of doing guesswork – for instance, you have not made any repayments but you go ahead and apply for a fresh loan. Another indicator that you are just guessing is applying for the highest amount immediately you register for an account. Well, guess what, guesswork loans are not approved.

These are all petty issues but they show us that you are not serious when applying for the loan. That is why your loan application goes straight to the trash bin. If you are not sure what you should do, you can ask questions in the members area or even send a message to support for guidance. This way you will get your loan to trade or do other business immediately.

We offer unsecured and unconditional loans to members. The only requirement is that you join a recommended Forex broker and deposit an amount between $50 and $500. You will get your first loan within 15 days of joining the platform. You can borrow up to $20,000.