Tuesday, 22 March 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Loan Applications Go Direct To the Trash Can

If you apply for loans and you never even get a confirmation whether your application has been received, there is a great chance that your application was trashed immediately it was received. Every lending institutions must have some degree of certainty that the borrower will repay the amount he or she receives before approving a loan.
 5 Reasons Why Your Loan Applications Go Direct To the Trash Can
While the lender will focus mostly on your financial capability, or your borrowing history, there are other minor issues that could lead to denial of funds. Here at Forex with Friends, seemingly minor issues are the main reason why most loan applications go directly to the trash bin. Knowing what they are will help you get quicker approval next time you apply for a loan.

Zero Attention To Details

The best borrowers are those who pay attention to detail because they are very easy to deal with. Also, they are the ones who are likely to pay back their loans on time. The loan application form we ask you to fill is very short so there is no excuse of filling in the wrong details. When we find an application with some wrong details, it signals someone who does not pay attention to detail.

Some people have submitted loan application forms

-Without filling the amount they want for a loan

- With their email or last name in the username field

- Without specifying the loan type they want

Playing the system

On this platform we want to make it very easy for you to get the money. So, the rules we impose are not hurdles to make it harder for you to get a loan. Actually most of them are just ways to expose the platform to more people. So when we ask you to upload a profile photo, stop thinking of ways to beat the system – like uploading one then taking it down immediately you get the loan, or when we ask you to share a message on social media, you do it but you restrict the post only to yourself. It’s for everyone’s benefit if this platform gets more members.

Disregarding rules

Every lending institution has its rules. Ours are very simple so, it is really bad for you to disregard them. For instance, to get a normal loan, we just want you to invite a few people to join the platform or alternatively, you take the free Forex funds and make repayments on time. Remember, when we say invite people, its gold or silver members. Also, if you take the free Forex fund and make a full repayment the next day, it won’t count because you are just playing the system.


It only takes one application to get a loan. The reason why you would send four or five applications is a huge mystery to us. After all you are only increasing the workload of the people reviewing these applications so, it will take longer for everyone to get their money. This is why multiple loan applications by the same individual are trashed immediately.


It’s very clear what it takes for one to get a loan here. Either you can invite people, or apply for the free Forex funds. Also, if you have already applied for a loan, you have to make repayments before you can apply for a new loan. Some people are fond of doing guesswork – for instance, you have not made any repayments but you go ahead and apply for a fresh loan. Another indicator that you are just guessing is applying for the highest amount immediately you register for an account. Well, guess what, guesswork loans are not approved.

These are all petty issues but they show us that you are not serious when applying for the loan. That is why your loan application goes straight to the trash bin. If you are not sure what you should do, you can ask questions in the members area or even send a message to support for guidance. This way you will get your loan to trade or do other business immediately.

We offer unsecured and unconditional loans to members. The only requirement is that you join a recommended Forex broker and deposit an amount between $50 and $500. You will get your first loan within 15 days of joining the platform. You can borrow up to $20,000.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Guaranteed Signups Can Build Your MLM Downline

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Guaranteed Signups Can Build Your MLM Downline

Quick and Easy Fix For Your Guaranteed Signups Can Build Your MLM Downline

Guaranteed signups can build your MLM downline noted this blog. If you want to build your MLM downline, the best and most cost effective way is to use guaranteed sign ups. Find out how you can use guaranteed sign ups to build your business!

Have you heard of guaranteed signups? Did you know that they were a great way to build your downline? Well, if you did not know, now you do. As long as you are using a reputable company, guaranteed signups provide you with one of the fastest methods of building your MLM downline. If you did not know the power of using guaranteed signups to build your MLM downline, you are missing out on a lucrative opportunity.


If you take a look at many of the internet's MLM marketers, the most successful ones and you were able to sit down and have a conversation with them, you would find that they too build their business in a successful manner using guaranteed sign ups. However, the key to utilizing guaranteed sign ups is to ensure that the company you are hiring is a reputable company with good track records like years of operation and testimonials. This is far easier said than done.

However, there are some things that you should look for to ensure that you are actually getting a legitimate company. The first thing you want to look for is the amount of advertisements they perform each day. For example, there are companies that send out more than two million advertisements each day.

This is what you want. How does this work?

Well, the company is actually advertising themselves. When a visitor sees this advertisement, if they are interested, they will click that link. They may find themselves at a page full of links that sells many different online MLM business. The visitor then reviews these links and perhaps clicks on one that interests them. If they find one that interests them and clicks on it, there is guaranteed traffic. This will mean that these people who click on the link should be interested in your business. This is what you want.

Another thing you want to look for is how the company actually goes about getting these guaranteed sign ups. For example, is that company paying someone to join your business? If so, you want to look for another company. You do not want a company that pays others to come to you, this means they are not truly interested in your opportunity, instead they are interested in the pay.

The same goes for companies that offer other types of incentives or benefits. There is no genuine interest in your program; instead, they are interested in what the company is offering them for coming to you. This means that they are highly unlikely to really help your business in any way. This means they are less likely to help you build your downline, they are less likely to make any sales, therefore, less likely to earn you any type of commission.


You want to find a reputable company that can give you leads that will help your business. This means they do their homework, they know the right market, and know just how to get them. You want to ensure that these people are concentrating in getting you quality sign ups, not quantity sign ups. Even a few high quality sign ups that will actually boost your business is far better than many low quality sign ups that will go nowhere.

However, you have to understand this: all the reliable companies can give you quality sign ups. Only YOU can make these sign ups respond to your business. You are the one that needs to take the motivation and drive to turn these sign ups into team members that help build your business and are truly interested in building their own. It requires motivation, communication and the drive so that you can succeed.

Guaranteed Signups Can Build Your MLM Downline

Friday, 4 March 2016

Opportunities to Work from Home: What You must Remember

Opportunities to work from home can have their own glittering shines which usually attract people. But on your part, you must not jump at the very first impulse you get when it comes to dealing with opportunities to work from home. Before you jump head first on opportunities to work from home, you've got to take time to know everything that it is about.
Make Money With Promoting Affiliate Products
Get to know all the angles about the opportunities to work from home instead of pushing it through and waiting for Santa Claus and his reindeers to deliver your first cold cash profit.Come to think of it, despite working out on opportunities to work from home, the same amount of effort will need to be exerted on it. It means that the same kinds of homework must be attended to and amount of time to be rendered.

It is not different from other sorts of businesses anyhow. 

Some merchants will tell you that it is more rewarding to get yourself busy with opportunities to work from home rather than getting the regular work shifts from some company. It is because they are always after that money that you will pay them if you buy any of their concepts. It must however dawn on you that businesses will only work out if you know how to effectively manage it.

The time and effort that will be required from you by these opportunities to work from home are just in equal footing with those that you can actually conduct outside the confines of your home. The only advantages that opportunities to work from home give you are that you need not combat the busy activities on the road as you struggle to get to work on time, the additional time that you can spend with your family, the possibility of becoming your own superior, and the chance of securing another job aside from your part time opportunity to work from home business. Nonetheless, here are some important things to look into as you dwell with opportunities to work from home.

You as the business entrepreneur must know how to get your message to those people who pay special interest in your craft. It does not matter whether you will be calling them, sending them direct mails or emails, faxing them, or whatever. 

What is the most important consideration that you should note of is that you certainly must reach your possible clients, leads, prospects, or visitors to let them know about what your business is all about. Give them info on the products or services that you are offering.After reaching them, it follows suit that you build a good relationship with them. It is utterly important that good rapport will exist between you and the customer. The positive outcome of such is building confidence and trust. 

It matters that the client can feel some bond of trust in you. Therefore, you have to be courteous at all times. The next step is for you to let the customer know that he needs your offered products or service. Your convincing power should work its way up. If you really want to seriously construct your road to success when it comes to opportunities to work from home, you have to ensure that you know the ways on how to do it.