Friday, 12 February 2016

Can You Really Quit Your Job and Make Money Using a Simple Free Blog?

New Blogging Craze Has Everybody Talking…
Have You Ever Considered The Possibility of Quitting Your Job and Making Money Online Instead?
Like many of you, I took notice of all the media coverage surrounding the new blogging craze which is sweeping the UK. If you haven’t hear of it, (where have you been hiding) basically ordinary people even as old as 82 are reporting to be making money from home using a simple free blog.
Because it’s so easy to do, People all across the globe are now trying it for themselves to see if they can join the trend of earning money online to supplement their income and in some cases, quitting their jobs!
So how has all of this come about? The simple answer is, more and more people are looking to supplement their incomes, and thanks to a new blog platform called SiteBlog anybody can start a blog and have it online in minutes with no skills required. It’s so easy, everyone from school children to grandparents are now starting to blog and having some fantastic success.

Thousands Of People Are Making Money Every Day From Free Blogging Websites!

So we know that making a blog is now easy, but how do you actually make money from it?
There are many ways you can profit from owning a blog. We all know about the semi-famous millionaire bloggers but these guys are a rare breed. You have to set your goals more realistically, so we recommend aiming to earn around £3000 – £6000 /month. This is not one of them scams which claim you will earn money on autopilot, this is nothing like that.
This is a legitimate, proven way to setup a blog live on the internet, which you can earn an income from advertising on the blog. In order to earn any money from a blog, you must be prepared to post at least one 400 word blog per week.

We recommend aiming to earn around £3000 – £6000 /month…
Companies like Google allow you to add their advertising to your blog with just a few clicks thanks to the easy to use drag and drop system Site Blog utilizes.
As I mentioned earlier, Site Blog is not something which you turn on, go to bed and have made money overnight. Anything which claims to be able to do this is a scam and does not exist. Site Blog is a real system and you must write blog posts weekly in order to earn a steady additional income. You will probably NOT make money in your first 2 weeks at least. We expect it will take you at least 5 blog posts and a month to get your blog established on the internet.
Here’s how to get started:
  • Step 1: Click Here to go Site Blog then click the get started button. Enter your name, email and choose a password.
  • Step 2: Choose a domain name for your blog, choose anything you wish to blog about, we recommend choosing a subject you know or can talk about easily.
  • Step 3: Select a package, we recommend the “Pro” Plan.
  • Step 4: Now once setup with just a few clicks you can Publish your blog live to the internet. Typically you should receive your first check within a few weeks or so. Some companies allow you to wire directly into your bank account. (You should be able to make £2,000 within the first few months. Then it goes up from there depending on how much time you spend on it.)