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Why Consistent Profits Are Better Than Large Gains When Trading Forex

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Why Consistent Profits Are Better Than Large Gains When Trading Forex

Learn To Trade Forex With Consistent Profits Are Better Than Large Gains

This blog is focus towards helping new traders that why consistent profits are better than large gains when trading forex. As you excel and give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding by locking in gains consistently, then you can start to explore other areas and start looking at bigger picture, bigger risk, and different style of trades. You must first learn consistency and give yourself the BEST shot at maintaining this career.

Learning how to become a profitable forex trader is an ongoing process that takes time. If you want to succeed at forex trading, you need to make sure you are setting the right goals. If you start forex trading with the goal of nailing a $1,000,000+ trade, you will cloud your judgment and hinder your success. We focus on calculated risk and educated trading plans.


So, what does this mean for you?
If you are a new trader, you should be focused on consistency NOT larger gains. You need to understand that becoming a successful forex trader is a process, and like any other process, it takes time. You wouldn't expect to apply for a CEO position in a profitable company before working your way up, would you?

You need to pay your dues and build a solid track record first. focusing your trading goals. You need to be focused on the right things if you want to become a successful forex trader, and consistency should be your main focus.

We can begin by defining what successful and profitable forex trading system is. Profitable forex trading system is typically trading that makes a profit. In a trading career, the long-term may be more important. A prime example is if you consider your expenses each month.
If we think about the math this is not always true. One idea behind it is significant and a good approach in many cases though.

You may execute three losing trades in one week, but if you make a profit for the month it could still be considered a good trading record. This is the beneficial idea here. If you execute consistent winning trades you are more likely to have a reliable income from your trades. In the case of professional traders this is extremely important. Likewise, long-term investors want more reliable income. These instances represent cases where consistently executing winning trades, even if relatively small in their profit, is a good strategy.

In some cases though, you may execute two trades that have very large profit margins. They may even be significant enough to provide a profit for the monthly total. These are the cases when, mathematically, large gains may provide an individual with more profits. If these automatic forex trading are executed sporadically though, they may not be the better choice for a professional trader that needs reliable income daily, or monthly. In some cases potential for high profits may be present in a trade that fits the consistent profit-yield strategy of a trader. In these cases the trader may opt to make that trade over one that has a lower expected yield.


Obviously consistent execution of trades with large profit margins is the most desirable option for many, but in cases when the trends are more discernible in smaller profit margin trades that predictability may prove attractive. You may be able to combine trades using separate strategies. Each one could be developed to create both varieties of profit. In this way you may be able to establish a consistent income and capitalize on more certain trades that yield high profit gains. There is the potential to lose money when you execute a trade, but there is the possibility to earn a consistent income as well. You can shape your currency trading strategies to take advantage of market conditions and maximize the potential for the profits that you want.

Here Are Some Tips To Improve Your Consistency:

1. Set Realistic Profit Goals
Saying that you want to make $200/day is more achievable than saying you want to make $100,000 from trading. This allows you to come to the market each day with a clear, realitstic goal that will help guide you on your journey.

2. Don't Take Unnecessary Risks
It only takes one trade to take you out of the game, and as we saw last week, no one is immune. Don't try to nail that $10,000 trade if it exposes you to additional risk. Follow your trading rules and make sure you live to trade another day. Big profits will come with time - you shouldn't be taking huge risks to chase them.

3. Appreciate Your Progress
Trading is great because it's a constant challenge; you can always do better. That being said, this makes it so some traders are never happy because they always want more. Learn to appreciate your progress. If you are consistently profitable, you are doing better than 90% of traders and you need to recognize that. Try to understand the necessity of each step in the process of becoming a successful day trader. Even if you only make $50/day from trading, you are on the right path, as long as you remain consistent. Higher profits will come as you keep working at it.


4. Don't Compare Yourself to Others
It's easy to see traders making huge profits and wish you could achieve those same results. Suddenly, a $1000 gain may not be too exciting when you see someone else make $50,000 from a similar trade. DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. You don't know their story. You don't know how long they've been trading or how much capital they started with. Comparing yourself to others causes you to depreciate your own success and set unrealistic goals.

5. Understand Outliers and Take Breaks
If you have large profits or a big loss one day, sit back and take a break. You need to understand that these trades are outliers. Often times, traders experience the thrill of a big gain and come back to the market trying to recreate this success. This can be dangerous! This would be like winning the lottery and then going back the next day to load up on more tickets. Appreciate your win (or learn from your loss), and get back to trading consistently.

There is a wide range of help available and you can often find options available to you for free. In some cases you may want to consider placing your money in the hands of a professional manager. You can often inform the manager about what you are expecting from your money, in regard to returns. These profitable forex trading individuals perform these duties as a job daily, and may be able to help you maximize your returns with little effort on your part.

Why Consistent Profits Are Better Than Large Gains When Trading Forex