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Monday, 11 January 2016

What Is Forex Money Management?

If you are a serious Forex trader and want to trade successfully over a long term, you need to understand what money management is and the tips related to that. Money management in FX trading online is an important issue for every trader in Forex market and even if you win a lot of profit in your trades without a good money management technique in place, your losses will nullify the profits you make at the end. That is why it is very important to understand what is Forex money management technique and how to manage the money you trade in Forex. 

What Is Forex Money Management

What is Forex Money Management?
Money management in Forex is a way by which FX traders control the flow of money in and out of their pockets. It is simply the skills on managing your Forex account and includes proper risk management techniques.

Forex Money Management Tips

There are several popular rules that answer the question what is Forex money management and they are explained below:
Risking only a small percent of the total amount of money you have– The whole idea behind the Forex trading process is to survive and survival comes first after which comes the money making. The main formula is not to put the money into trade which you cannot afford to lose. The traders should always take out the risk capital from the total money they have and they should put it only on the trade. Such money is specifically designated for trading online and is not meant for the basic essentials of your living.

Cut Losses– Use stop losses in a disciplined way. Secondly you should allow the profits to accumulate when you are in a winning position. Some experts in trading online say that “In trading, it is not what you make, profits always take care of themselves; It is what you try to cut your losses which matters a lot!”

Avoid too much Leverage- Most of the online brokers today offer a facility of leveraging and offer leveraging ratios as much as 500:1. This implies that you can control $500 worth of an asset with just every 1 dollar you place. The result can lead you big profits if things are in favor of you but if the results are against it can deplete all your account in just one sharp market move.
The idea behind every move you take should be keeping all the potential losses in mind. Leverage maximizes the chances of your profits but also maximizes the chances of your losses and therefore too much leverage should be avoided.
Thus for every smart Forex trader it is important to understand what is Forex money management and should learn and apply the techniques related to it.
We put a lot of emphasis onto this as many people believe all the ads that can be found on the Internet. These ads tell them that thousands and thousands of dollars can be earned via Forex within days. While this is not a lie, it simply doesn’t apply to beginners. You really need to have a lot of knowledge and experience on Forex trading in order to be able to make large profits. In fact, any profits at all!
So make sure you take some time to learn what foreign currency trading is all about and test your skills via one of many free demo accounts available on the market.