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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


While working on getting everyone their wix sites and helping them start their campaigns just want to say Hi since you did not receive a email from me for a long time. No worries I have not abandon you it is just that there is much work to be done and I am trying really hard to get everything 100% finished. I am here never worry about that. (if you are waiting on me to reply to your message give me some more time and I will get to it)
 big exciting news for traffic monsoon

*Over 25000 members are registering monthly, and we have now more then 2 million members.

*Alexa rank in the low 1100's and climbing!

*Now 100% Paypal approved and licensed in the USA as a true operating business offering a real service and so is covered by their 180 day digital services guarantee.

*Traffic Monsoon has its own Payment Processor

*The cash reserves have DOUBLED in the last 2 months, now well over 8 figures (reserves is money still left in the company if everyone stopped buying and just withdrew everything from their accounts until expiration of all adpacks.)

*More meetings launching worldwide, expanding now to China and Germany

So as you can see we truly have a good business model here. Traffic Monsoon is here to stay and pay for years. We just need to make it work for us. I am already making a fortune with this one and hope you will get to that stage soon.

Just wanted to say HI and remind you that I am here. Yes I am late and not delivering on my time stamps but so many people need help and I wanted to help them first.... Many new things coming stay tuned.