Friday, 11 September 2015

5 Ways Traffic Monsoon Helps You Make More Money

Here are 5 things that really set Traffic Monsoon apart from other business opportunities, which can help you and any prospect catch the vision of why Traffic Monsoon is such a smart business to get involved with.

*1. You don't have to buy anything before you can start selling.*

So many business opportunities exist, which are attracting people to start because of the income potential. The problem people face is needing to spend money out of their own pocket before they can begin selling. The great thing about traffic monsoon is, people can get started selling traffic monsoon services without buying anything.

traffic monsoon helps you make money online

People are struggling to find work. If someone needs a job and doesn't have money, they can sign-up with traffic monsoon and start earning from online.

25 referrals buying 2 adpacks per day ($10 commissions) X 365 days per year = $91,250 in commissions!

You can work towards any income you wish to aim for.  Many people who have been involved in the home based business industry have started to recognize that their same effort is generating more income here at TrafficMonsoon than any previous opportunity they've been involved with.

*2. Cash Links*

One of the hardest things to do inside any business opportunity is actually make money. 98% of the people who join an MLM business fail to earn even 1 penny in their first year. On Traffic Monsoon, they can earn more than 1 penny with cash links their first day!

*3. Your referrals don't have to buy anything for you to earn.*

One of the biggest struggles within other business opportunities is to "recruit" or "sell" to people who aren't normally interested in your offer.

No worries here at Traffic Monsoon! Your referrals do not need to buy anything for you to make money.

You earn 100% matching earnings on referral cash link clicks.

Since it's free to sign-up, this could turn into a few extra hundred dollars income per month, or even thousands per month.

Example, 1000 referrals clicking on $0.10 in ads per day = $100 per day X 30 days = $3000 per month, and $36000 per year.

Hard to get 1000 referrals? Not really. It's easier because it's free to sign-up. Free to click. No admin fees, or subscriptions to pay.

*4. The services are of genuine quality and value.*

When you price match our services with other advertising services online, you'll find that the quality and pricing of services will keep buyers of the services coming back for more.

There are over 38 million home based businesses in the USA alone, and a new home based business starting every 12 seconds.

Each of these businesses have websites, and what do they need? Website visitors. What do we offer? Website visitors!

These are services you can feel confident sharing with others, and there's a large demand on these services.

Many who have spent $300 on one advertising site, and $300 on TrafficMonsoon have experienced much greater results for their money spent on Traffic Monsoon than any other advertising resource they're using.  Comparing dollar for dollar, the experience of many of our members is that Traffic Monsoon helps them do more.

*5. You can start earning without referring.*

You can click on cash links and earn without referring, and you can also buy adpacks which give you a sharing position.

All you'll need to do is qualify to receive sharing in company revenues by simply surfing a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange.

One of the problems people face when trying to refer people into a business opportunity is how much money they have made in the business themselves. This helps people start making money before referring.

You won't get rich quick on sharing revenue, but it can help you get a kick start as you try to build your own business with Traffic Monsoon. This can also help you double dip from advertising, and build up your advertising budget by continuously surfing in the traffic exchange each day.

I hope this helps you catch the vision of TM, and helps you recognize people who could truly benefit from TrafficMonsoon and its services.