Friday, 7 August 2015

How To Become A Perfect Marketer

This article is meant for marketers, but everyone who joins Forex with Friends has to do some marketing so its relevant to every member.

Simple Online Loans. Loans – Unsecured loans of up to $1000 for first time borrowers.

Understand The Product

You cannot market unless you understand the product you are selling. When introducing something new to people, they will ask questions.
  1. What does your product do?
  2. How does it benefit me?
  3. Why are you marketing it (what's in it for you)?
  4. What loopholes can lead me to lose money if I buy your product?
- Fortunately, Forex with Friends is a straightforward "product" - the people who register will have access to loans once they become members.

- Getting unsecured loans is the main benefit for those who join. Another benefit is a monthly interest paid from the portfolio we set up for them.
- There are no loopholes that can lead members to lose their money. First, the only money they are required to provide is the $20 registration fee. This is paid through PayPal, meaning that if someone is not satisfied, it is possible to file a dispute asking for a refund. Secondly, being a loan service, most of the money is held by members rather than the company

Learn What the Job Entails
You need to understand what the marketing job involves before you apply. If you do not understand this, you will only be wasting your time. Ask yourself;
  1. What do I need to do if I'm accepted as one of the marketers?
  2. Will I be able to convince people to join this loan program?
  3. Can I convince enough people within a month to qualify for a bonus?

First, you should realize that everyone who joins our site is an indirect marketer. This means that you have to use a strategy that keeps you ahead of others. It will take more than just posting one link on social networking sites to get attention from potential members. If you plan to use social media only, you need to post regularly. Apart from your profile, you should also consider posting in other trafficked pages.

Having confidence is very important when trying to market anything. If you do not believe in what you are selling, nobody else will. This will lead to zero sales. You will be confident if you understand your products clearly, that's why we advice you to understand how Forex with friends works so that you can answer questions from potential clients without any hesitation.
For instance, how do you respond to someone who says this: "Hey, am sure this is just a pyramid scheme or another online scam"
How would you convince that person that he/she has nothing to worry about?

Earning $10 for every person who signs up from your efforts is a good return. You can make it better with the bonuses we offer at the end of every month. For instance, if 75 people have signed from your links, you earn an extra $250 so your total for the month will be $1,000(75 x $10 + $250)
Its possible to get such good returns without working too hard. One way to do it is by using automated social media tools. These will help you post a message with your link in hundreds or thousands of pages with a few mouse clicks. You will get some responses to your messages so make sure you keep checking your notifications to find out if anyone needs follow up.
Free Forex Funds – You can take $50, $100 or $200 depending on whether you have Free, Silver or Gold membership respectively. This money is accessible immediately after registering for an account on the platform.