Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Marketing Job

We need better exposure for this website. If you are looking for a job, or maybe you love posting things on social media, this is an opportunity you should not overlook.We will provide you with a special referral link that you will share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc

Your job will simply be to post the link on your profile, groups, pages and any other relevant areas. Once people click the link and register on our site, we will pay you. You can post it once and forget it or you can keep posting, its up to you - what matters is that people click on the link and register so that you get paid.
You will be paid monthly for each registration made from your link (i.e. its not a one-time payment).
Currently, we are paying $0.5 per registration per month. So if 100 people manage to register through your link you will be earning $50 per month even if you do not make further referrals.
You will get a free account on this website - however, you cannot apply for loans.
You will be able to track every click made on your link from the dashboard of your account (but you will only be paid for registrations)
You will be paid immediately your balance reaches $10 via PayPal

Make sure you use a valid email address and check your inbox after applying for further details