Thursday, 16 July 2015

How To Build Up Referrals Fast

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How To Build Up Referrals Fast

It is no secret, How to build up referrals fast, the more referrals you have, the higher your income will be. You will have a large portfolio generating more income every month. You will also have more loan credits thus gaining access to bigger loan amounts if you want to trade. BUT how do you get these referrals?
We have two referral options - by email and through affiliate links. Navigate to your profile where your affiliate link is listed. The option to invite others by email is also listed here. Please note that we do not encourage spam and if we receive a complaint of spam email, we shall penalize you.

Tips to Increase Referral

How To Build Up Referrals Fast

You can use these few tips to increase referrals faster. If you have not joined Forex with Friends, start with step one. If you are already a member, start with step two.

Step 1 - Forex with Friends on Facebook
Go to our Facebook page, where you will find requests from people who want to refer you to join the platform. ITS FREE. Pick whoever pleases you eye and ask for an invitation. You will also post your referral requests on the page once you become a member. It is a simple step, but it can easily double your referrals within short while.

Step 2 - Referral Requests on Our Official Page
If you are already a member, feel free to post a request asking potential members to use you as their referral.

Step 3 - Other Pages, Groups, & Social Networks
You can take advantage of the many social networks out there to tell people about this opportunity. Make sure you share your referral link or ask people to provide their email addresses so that you can refer them. Business groups on Facebook are a good place to start. Honest Solo Sellers Meet Clever BuyersThe Ultimate Deal On Solo Sellers. The other social networks you participate in should also give you referrals.

Step 4 - Reviews $ Articles
If you are a good writer, you can whip up a short review about Forex with friends. There are many platforms out there that you can post your review or article on. A few good examples include Hubpages, Articlebase, and Ezine etc. You can also create a free blog on WordPress or Blogger. Business pages on Facebook and Google+ are also good. Use these platforms to share your links or request to be a referrer for new members.

For the best outcomes, platforms like blogs and pages on social media are better because they give you full control. Apart from your referral links or forms asking for emails, you will be able to post images showing how big your portfolio is, the amount of loan you have applied for and other proofs of payment. Targeted Solo Ads. You will also become a 'sort of expert' in this field so new members will tend to believe you.

Forex with Friends is not just a loan site. Members enjoy several other benefits so, even if you are not interested in online loans, you can still join to enjoy these other benefits. Here is a brief overview. For full details, make sure you visit the website.

How To Build Up Referrals Fast