Friday, 19 June 2015

Unsecured Forex Loans Of Up To $1000 For First Time Borrowers

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Unsecured Forex Loans Of Up To $1000 For First Time Borrowers

Risk Free Ways To Start Trading Forex.

Forex trade is a risky affair. You can make a lot of money within a short while but the risk of losing everything you have is equally high especially when using a leveraging account. Luckily, there are different ways that people have used successfully to avert the risks. If you are just starting out it is a good idea to know of ways you can use to trade with minimal risks. Here are a few options.

Some dedicated online platforms like ours offer loans to Forex traders. For the best outcome, you should look for a platform that offers loans without asking for securities. This way, even if you lose all the money, you will not make any personal losses. Forex Friends is a good option because the loans are not just unsecured loans but are also not based on your credit scores. Therefore, even if you do not repay the money, there will be no negative repercussions.

The Forex with Friends platform is based on a referral program. For you to get a loan, you need to invite someone else into the platform. Each person pays a $20 registration fee, half of which they use to create a virtual trading portfolio for you and give you profits at the end of each month. When you apply for a loan, this portfolio acts as your collateral so you will not continue receiving your profits until you clear the loan. For first timers, the loan amount at limited to $1000 but it is a good start if you are still new to Forex trade.

Unsecured Loans Of Up To $1000 For First Time Borrowers