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How To Get Referrals - 7 Ideas For New Business Owners Just Starting Up

How To Get Referrals - 7 Ideas For New Business Owners Just Starting Up

Referrals are one of the very best ways to grow your business. Asking for a referral is the tricky part. Especially when you're just starting up your business. Here are seven new business referral ideas to get you started.

Referrals are one of the very best ways to grow your business. But how about when you're just starting out? Will getting referrals help you grow your start up?
Yes indeed. However, asking for a referral is the tricky part. How do you ask? Whom do you ask? Especially when you're just starting up your business.

It's not easy getting referrals when you're just starting out. That's because most people asking for referrals fail to keep these two things in mind:

First, think about this from the viewpoint of the people thinking about referring clients to you. They are all asking the same question: "Why on earth should I send you a referral?" Sure, they can see it would be of value to you and your business if they refer someone to you. "But why," they ask themselves," "is it important to me?" If you can answer that question from their viewpoint, you will give them a reason to be happy about referring someone to you.

Second, people who refer a friend or client to you have a lot more to lose than you do. If you do an excellent job, that's great. If not, it colours how the referrer is viewed. As a consequence, they could even lose their client's business.

So you need to think carefully before asking for a referral. Here are some ideas you may find helpful.

Seven New Business Referral Ideas
1. Become a low risk referral by adding high value assurance. For example: Give a money back guarantee or free consultation to each person referred to you.

2. Make sure you have something to offer that either other service providers don't want to do or that you are specialized in doing.

3. Don't hide the fact that you're brand new. Instead, capitalize on it. Offer a new business discount during your first six months in business.

4. Make a list of local people and businesses in your area that offer complimentary services and whose clients may need the services you offer. Then contact them in person.

5. Approach local churches and non-profit organizations and offer to teach classes in your area of specialty. Teach the class for free. Then give a discount on your services to everyone who signs up at the end of the class.

6. Talk with your hairstylist about your services. Give him or her a stack of referral cards. Offer your stylist $5 for every customer who purchases a service from you as a result of one of the cards he or she passed out.

7. Find another new business owner and cross-promote each other. They key here is to find a strategic partner who is in a complementary business who will benefit from promoting your business as well as theirs.

When just starting up your business and asking someone for a referral, keep in mind that you are asking for someone to trust you. Trust you with their precious clients. Trust you to not make a fool out of them for recommending someone to you. Therefore, think carefully before asking for a referral. Make sure you have something to offer that will be of benefit to the referrer.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Ten Shocking Facts About Forex Trading Mistakes

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Ten Shocking Facts About Forex Trading Mistakes

Top Ten Most Common Trading Mistakes

This forex blog aim to cover about ten shocking facts about forex trading mistakes by most traders. The currency trading market is the biggest financial market in the world. The market is largely controlled by global market forces of demand and supply.

Most of the retail currency exchange happens online rather than on exchange floors and this has led to the market being accessible to anyone in the world who has an internet connection.

This high number of market participants has led to many myths in the market. You can find them on online forums, in newspapers, or even when talking to friends at your local favorite hangout.


Have you ever wondered why is it that very few traders succeed in the forex trading market while 90% of forex traders fail to achieve success?

Top 10 Trading Mistakes By Beginner

1. Looking For Easy And Quick Money
I have to stress that foreign currency trading is not a get rich quick scheme. Achieving consistent profitable results out of forex trading is tough. It requires some forex education, patience, discipline, emotion control, etc. to get you into the world of successful currency trading.

2. Looking For The Holy Grail
I have people asked me, "What is the best forex trading system around?" There isn't such trading systems in currency trading. Many forex traders spend years trying to find the Holy Grail of foreign exchange trading, but failed to find one. The main reason is the forex market changes every single moment.

3. Inadequate Right Education
One of the reasons forex traders fail is because they don't have enough right education. Some people who came into forex trading don't even open a forex book or educate themselves about currency trading. You need certain forex training education, a forex course, a forex trading system and then a mentor to coach you.

4. Lack Of Discipline
Discipline is so important in fx trading that it will reward you by accumulating your profits if you abide to it, and could turn your forex trading account into nothing when you lack of it.

5. Lack Of Patience
Forex traders chase after the price because they do not want to miss a golden trading opportunity. In currency trading, there is no such thing as golden opportunity to me because every forex trading setups are equally important.

6. No Money Management
Most forex traders totally forget about the risk of forex trading. They only think about how much they will win and never plan for the worst. Money management limits your risk on every single trade so that you are able to trade tomorrow, the next week, month and years.

7. Failure To Control Emotions
Be a perfectionist in following your forex trading plan. Stay calm if you lost a trade, you know that there are infinite chances to earn an winning opportunity back. Don't let greed take over you!


8. Having Unrealistic Expectations
People come into fx trading thinking they are going to be successful and earn tons of cash, from $1000 and then reaching $100 000 in a very short period of time. You will know why that is untrue if you have gotten my free forex ebook.

9. Lack Of Mentorship AND Support
Once you have a trading system, having a mentor not only gives you forex advice, but also the ability to get nearer to success as your learning curve will be shorten, your doubts answered and confidence boosted.

10. Looking For Excitement
Some other forex traders may think it is very exciting to trade the forex market, but to me, forex trading is boring if I want to be profitable and stress free.

Ten Shocking Facts About Forex Trading Mistakes

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Forex Pip: How To Maximize Pips And Minimize Losses

Forex Pip. How To Maximize Pips And Minimize Losses

A Forex Pip is the measure of success or loss in Forex trading. Find out how to maximize pips (and profits) while minimizing risk in Forex trading.
As you'll soon learn, the Forex pip can be your best friend or worst enemy. First, we'll go over what a Forex pip is exactly. Then I'll discuss what you can do to maximize pips, and your profits, while simultaneously minimizing your losses.

What Is A Forex Pip?
First thing first. What exactly is a pip? Pip stands for "percentage in point" and is the smallest price increment in forex trading. Since most major currency pairs (the Japanese Yen being an exception), are priced to 4 decimal places, the smallest change would be reflected in the last decimal point.
Basically, the Forex pip is the measuring stick for gains or losses when trading currency. Let's look at an example to get a deeper understanding of this. A currency pair of EUR/USD might be bid at 1.1815 and later offered at 1.1820. This is a spread of 5 pips. So, if you bought a certain number of Euros at the bid price, and then later sold them for the offered price, your profit would be 5 pips. (Obviously. the amount of money that you make is dictated by how much currency you bought and sold for profit.)

What The Forex Pip Means To You
Successful Forex trading occurs when you maximize your pips when you trade as much as possible. Thinking long term and logically, to be successful you need to have more pip gains than pip losses in your trading. Let's be honest, it is impossible to win every time. When everything is said and done, what you want is more pip gains than losses.

How To Maximize Pips and Minimize Losses
The perfect scenario is to buy currency at its lowest value, and then sell it once it has reached its highest value before dropping. But that is easier said than done. There are numerous and varied factors that determine the rise or fall of currency values. So, what can you do?

Many Forex Traders are turning to Automatic Forex Robots to do the trading for them. This is a great way to maximize pips, while keeping the risk in check. These computer programs or scripts stay current with what is going on in the Forex market and trade according to predetermined indicators set in the program by professionals. So, instead of trying to figure out everything for yourself and being glued to your computer 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, you let the automated Forex software do the trading for you.

Why I Recommend Software To Maximize Forex Pips
I already mentioned the benefit of having the software program keep track of and react to the currency market based on predetermined indicators. However, there is an even more important reason to use a Forex robot instead of doing all the trading yourself... EMOTION! Let me explain...

Forex trading is very exciting. Watching the pips go up and down, especially when real money is on the line, is quite a thrill. But you don't want emotion to guide your trading. Greed and fear are expected emotions when dealing with something as exciting and potential profitable as Forex trading. And you don't want these emotions clouding your judgement in your Forex trading. Using a computer program to do your currency trading is an excellent way to keep your trading profitable and lower risk by keeping emotion out of your trading.

It is a great feeling when you see the pips working in your favor. So if you want to maximize Forex pips and minimize losses, get a automatic Forex robot and put your trading on autopilot. It is not only a lot easier but a lot more profitable as well.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Forex Trading Checklist - Answer These 3 Questions Before You Can Make Money Online

Do you already know the basics in forex trading when you get into it? Those basics are the necessity if you want to win in forex. Otherwise your forex investment may down the drain. A lot of forex traders who failed in trading all the time is because they lack of planning.
Earn Money with Forex Trading
That's the primary homework that all traders must do. Without any planning, you will probably unable to see what and why you are trading. Below are some of the forex tips and 3 important questions you need to answer yourself if you really want to succeed and make money online.

1. What skill level are you in? If you are a beginner in forex trading, then you might want to take a step at a time. Do not rush to trade because a good forex strategy is always using probabilities. In the first place you should know that in currency trading business, there are no certainties, only analysis and judgment no matter what kind of forex trading systems you are using. Professional traders are good in high probability trades by using simple trading system.

2. Are you a risk-taker? I have to remind you that forex trading involves some risk and do not go into trading if you can't take risk at all. Like I have said, trading will definitely involve some losses because you can't win all the time. But what I can assure you is that if you take the right approach in trading and follow all the rules, you will have much more winners than losers. 

So be prepared to take some risk and make sure that your trading capital can withstand it. Minimize risk by looking out for high possibilities trades and not by quantity trades.  

3. How do you target profits? If you want to trade forex the profitable and correct way, then you will have to follow the forex trading strategies that I give advice for. I recommend traders to have a healthy risk to reward ratio of at least 1:2, which means that if you risk 1 pip, you should target 2 pips of profits. 

This may sound quite difficult to achieve when you are a beginner, but I can tell you that once you get experienced in the forex market, then you should not find that too tough. With a good risk to reward ratio, then you can develop a forex strategy that allows you to achieve that, e.g. a more advanced intraday or swing trading strategy.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Successful Trading – Establish Your Risk Level

Successful Trading – Establish Your Risk Level

Before you embark upon a journey of trading stocks or futures, and before you make any trades, you MUST determine and establish your risk level. Traders that fail to do this are usually doomed from the start. The fact is that most trading accounts that go bust are because of the failure to determine at what point the trader will cut their losses and move on to the next trade. Rookie traders are particularly prone to do this. They hang on to losing positions hoping that they will turn around – only to watch the price drop even further. Too much thought and effort are expended on the buying decision instead of the selling decision. The sad truth is that it’s the selling decision that will determine your fate as a successful trader. And successful trading is dependent on how long and how well you can protect your account against loss until the big profit comes your way. Setting a risk level for your account and for your trades will provide such protection.

If you’re like everyone else, you’ve got an online trading account and you’re free to move in and out of positions without the input or interruption of a broker. If you’re not doing this, we recommend that you do. So when you buy a position, have you determined where you would to sell it if the price would fall? Many traders only think about the price going up – they never think about what they’ll do if it goes down. You MUST determine this limit BEFORE placing a trade.

We recommend that get out of the position if it drops anywhere from 7% to 10% from where you purchased the stock, option or commodity (or any other market derivative). Yes, it could rebound and take off 100 points after you sale, but it could also drop 100 points and your account would be wiped out. Consider this, if your account drops 50%, then you need a 100% gain to get it back where you were! This is why you MUST place a stop-loss after every trade you place with your broker. Do this without fail IMMEDIATELY after placing a trade with your online broker. Once you’ve placed a stop-loss level with your online broker, the system will automatically sell your position when that level is reached. Remember, stay in the game until you hit that big trade!

Online Trading: Determine Your Risk Tolerance

Online Trading: Determine Your Risk Tolerance

Each individual has a risk tolerance that should not be ignored. Any good  trader or financial planner knows this, and they should make the effort to help you determine what your risk tolerance is. Then, they should work with you to find investments that do not exceed your risk tolerance.

What is risk tolerance?
Risk tolerance is the degree of variability in investment returns that an investor is willing to withstand. Risk tolerance is an important component in investing.

Each individual has a risk tolerance that should not be ignored. Any good trader or financial planner knows this, and they should make the effort to help you determine what your risk tolerance is. Then, they should work with you to find investments that do not exceed your risk tolerance.
Determining one’s risk tolerance involves several different things. First, you need to know how much money you have to invest, and what your investment and financial goals are.

For instance, if you plan to retire in ten years, and you’ve not saved a single penny towards that end, you need to have a high risk tolerance – because you will need to do some aggressive – risky – investing in order to reach your financial goal. 

On the other side of the coin, if you are in your early twenties and you want to start investing for your retirement, your risk tolerance will be low. You can afford to watch your money grow slowly over time.

Realize of course, that your need for a high risk tolerance or your need for a low risk tolerance really has no bearing on how you feel about risk. Again, there is a lot in determining your tolerance.

For instance, if you invested in the forex market and you watched the movement of that forex daily and saw that it was dropping slightly, what would you do?

Would you sell out or would you let your money ride? If you have a low tolerance for risk, you would want to sell out… if you have a high tolerance, you would let your money ride and see what happens. This is not based on what your financial goals are. This tolerance is based on how you feel about your money! 

Again, a good financial planner or stock broker should help you determine the level of risk that you are comfortable with, and help you choose your investments accordingly.

Your risk tolerance should be based on what your financial goals are and how you feel about the possibility of losing your money. It’s all tied in together.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to Get Started Trading Currencies

Many futures and stock traders are aware of the excitement surrounding the currency market. However, because foreign exchange trading was until only recently limited to multinational corporations, money-center banks, and the largest investment firms, forex remains a new and unfamiliar market to many self-directed, retail traders. As a consequence, despite the undeniable advantages that the forex market offers, some online traders are no doubt apprehensive and reluctant to participate. With the passage of time, the benefits will undoubtedly become more widely known and better understood, and more traders will almost certainly migrate from the equity and futures markets. In the meantime, interested traders can take steps to bring themselves up to speed and learn more about this exciting market.

 Learn Trade Forex With Forex Trading Strategy

Take a Currency Trading Course
Almost all forex trading courses available today fall into the self-study or seminar categories. Both have important strengths and weaknesses. The self-study camp is generally comprised of web-based courses, CD-ROMs, workbooks, or any combination thereof. While self-motivated and highly disciplined traders might find self-study courses to be perfectly satisfactory, many traders require the structure of a more formal learning environment and would benefit greatly from individual instruction. Seminars, hosted by various brokers and financial market educators around the country, typically run 1-3 days in length. Most walk traders through at least a fair range of important topics in a more or less methodical way. The drawback, of course, is that in addition to the cost of the seminar, traders must absorb travel and accommodation expenses. And at many seminars, the number of attendees makes personal instruction impossible.

Happily, the latest trading courses make use of online technologies to offer a complete curriculum, a perfect mix of convenience and structure, and all the benefits of a classroom environment and one-on-one instruction -- at an economical price. 

A complete trading course can be put online and broken down into daily lessons (for example, one lesson per day for a full month). Though the trader must log into the website to view each day's lesson, he may do so at any time that's convenient. After each lesson, students have the opportunity to post questions for course instructors and to discuss ideas with fellow students in a virtual classroom. Brief daily assignments and quizzes -- and even individualized feedback from instructors based on the assignments -- all play an important role in reinforcing material and help traders learn each day's lessons. And when a complete online course is combined with a practice trading account, the trader has a risk-free opportunity to apply the lessons and strategies learned, and instructors can offer pointers, tips, and suggestions to help refine and improve trades. This new type of course represents a quantum leap forward in trading education.

Practice Trading FX in a Demo Account
Many online forex brokers today offer paper trading accounts, and there's simply no better way to familiarize oneself with the currency market and the broker's trading platform. Generally, FX paper trading accounts are identical to live, "real" trading accounts, in that the demo trader enjoys all the same tools and features that are available on the broker's actual system. The trader will get a feel for real-time, continuously-updating bid/ask prices. He can experience order placement and execution. Account balances, margin requirements, and P&L are usually updated in real-time, as well. The only difference, of course, is that paper trading accounts are "funded" with anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 in hypothetical money, which means that trading methodologies can be tested and evaluated under actual market conditions -- without having real capital at risk. You'll likely find that most demo accounts have limited lives and expire in anywhere from two weeks to one month. But for most traders, that's perfectly acceptable -- after getting the feel of forex trading in a demo account, most traders are enthusiastic about taking the next step and opening a real account.

Consider Trading Mini FX for Starters
Several forex brokers now offer mini FX accounts, which are designed for those new to online currency trading and those with limited trading capital. Such accounts can be immensely helpful to traders who wish to learn currency trading while minimizing their risk. Instead of trading full-size currency lots (100,000 units), downsized lots (for example, 10,000 currency units) may be traded. Though the leverage in a mini FX account can still be substantial, the smaller lot sizes -- with correspondingly smaller tick values -- means that the trader will be assuming less total risk. For example, while a 20-pip loss on a 100,000 EUR/USD position would be $200, the same loss on a 10,000 EUR/USD position in a mini account would amount to only $20.

The Mini FX account can be useful in helping traders develop a disciplined, rational forex trading strategy without excessively focusing on profits and losses. When trading 100,000 currency unit lots in a regular, full-size account, traders with relatively small balances tend to fixate on their equity fluctuations and sometimes base trading decisions on emotional reactions to these fluctuations. Many traders, for example, resist closing-out unsuccessful trades at a loss, because they hope that the market will turn in their favor. Conversely, many tend to immediately take profits when the market moves in the desired direction, rather than maximizing their gains by allowing profits to run. With less capital at stake in a Mini FX account, however, the trader can develop a disciplined trading methodology -- as well as the confidence needed to be a successful currency trader -- without the anxiety and distractions that come with large P&L swings.

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Forex Trading - Should You Invest?

Forex Trading - Should You Invest

Forex trading is all about putting your money into other currencies, so you can gain the interest for the night, for time period or the difference in trading money all around. Forex trading does involve other assets along with money, but because you are investing in other countries and in other businesses that are dealing in other currencies the basis for the money you make or lose will be based on the trading of money.

What is investing in forex?
The foreign exchange market, also called the currency market or forex (FX), is the world's largest financial market, accounting for more than $4 trillion average traded value each day. ... Forex. The Forex market is a 24-hour cash (spot) market where currency pairs, such as the Euro/US dollar (EUR/USD) pair, are traded.

Constant trading is done in the forex markets as time zones will vary and the markets will open in one country while another is near closing. What happens in one market will have an effect on the other countries forex markets, but it is not always bad or good, sometimes the margins of trading are near each other. 

A forex market will be present when two countries are involved in trading, and when money is traded for goods, services or a combination of these things. Currency is the money that trades hands, from one to another. Often times, a bank is going to be the source of forex trading, as millions of dollars are traded daily. There is nearly two trillion dollars traded daily on the forex market. 

Should you get involved in forex trading? 
If you are already involved in the stock market, you have some idea of what forex trading really is all about. The stock market involves buying shares of a company, and you watch how that company does, waiting for a bigger return. In the forex markets, you are purchasing items or products, or goods, and you are paying money for them. As you do this, you are gaining or losing as the currency exchange differs daily from country to country. 

To better prepare you for the forex markets you can learn about trading and purchasing online using free 'game' like software. You will log on and create an account. Entering information about what you are interested in and what you want to do. The 'game' will allow you to make purchases and trades, involving different currencies, so you can then see first hand what a gain or loss will be like. As you continue on with this fake account you will see first hand how to make decisions based on what you know, which means you will have to read about the market changes or you will have to take a brokers information at value and play from there. If you, as an individual want to be involved in forex trading, you must get involved through broker, or a financial institution. Individuals are also known as spectators, even if you are investing money because the amount of money you are investing is minimal compared to the millions of dollars that are invested by governments and by banks at any given time. 

This does not mean you can't get involved.  Your broker or investment advisor will be able to tell you more about how you can be involved in forex trading. In the US, there are many regulations and laws in regards to who can handle forex trading for US citizens so if you are searching the internet for a broker, be sure you read the print, and the information about where the company is located and if it is legal for you to do business with that company.

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Forex Strategies

This article is about forex trading strategies. Know more about various forex strategies used by forex traders for maximizing their profit and also minimizing their loss. Learn about the need of a forex strategy for an online forex trader.
Best Forex Trading Strategies
Forex strategies are essential for a forex trader to profit from the market. Forex trading strategies make a trader more sophisticated and confident by helping him in making right calculations about the market. In a market with always changing exchange rates it is foolishness to trade hysterically by just following the emotions or advices from unreliable sources.

There are lots of forex trading strategies followed by forex traders. They can be broadly classified in to two type of strategies are profit maximizing strategies and risk minimizing strategies. The strategy differs with individuals as each trader has unique needs and has unique trading abilities. A trader must design a forex trading strategy according to many factors such as his or her initial investment, account size, trading ability, risk tolerance, currency pairs trading, geographical limitations/advantages, the broker to which he is affiliated, the trading system he/she uses, the profit goal (short-term profit or long-term profit), etc.

The most followed forex profit maximizing strategy is the leverage. Leverage allows forex traders to trade with more funds than in his or her account. The leverages are provided by the forex brokers to their clients. The usual leverage is 100:1 – i.e., for $1 in account the trader can borrow $100 from his broker. Day traders get much more leverage than other traders and the ratio leverage differ with brokers and also with the account minimum, type of contract trading etc.

The most popular forex risk minimizing strategy is the stop loss order. Stop loss orders help traders to limit their loss by stopping a trade at a preset price. Forex trading systems allows traders to set their stop loss order prices. One related strategy is the trailing stop losses, which are proportional stop loss prices that come into play only when the prices are falling. There are also many other types of stop loss orders available which mainly depends on the broker to which the trader is affiliated to.

One another related strategy is the automated order entry. Automated order entry enables a trader to enter into a trade at a preset price rate automatically. The trader can set the price at his trading platform. Automated order entry methods help traders to enter the market at most favorable time. Apart from these strategies forex traders can use forex futures and forex options to cover the loss and well as to cover the profit. These contracts help forex traders to buy or sell currencies at a predetermined rate at a point of time in future.

Apart from these trading strategies, forex trader follow many other strategies for choosing currency pairs, trading hours, entrance and exit prices etc. Irrespective of the type of the strategy, all forex strategies involve risks. The success of a forex strategy depends on many factors like the market condition and the discipline of the trader.

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Money Making Opportunity - You Need To Make It Happen

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Money Making Opportunity

Money Making Opportunity - You Need To Make It Happen

Read this internet marketing blog outline money making opportunity. You need to make it happen. As with any money making opportunity, what you put into it is what you are going to get out of it. And with so many different money making opportunities available, focusing on just one will determine whether or not you are going to be successful. This is key to your ultimate failure or success. Seizing control of one opportunity and sticking with it, giving it your full attention and devotion will determine the outcome of your business opportunity.


So, what exactly do I mean by this. Well, to start with, jumping from one opportunity to another is not going to get you any type of positive results. How do you suppose that by starting one venture and then abandoning it for another opportunity is ever going to produce any results. The sad fact is, most newcomers to home money making business opportunities do just that. They tend to hit the internet searching for online money making opportunities, and when they find one that sounds like it is for them, they purchase the course. A few days later, they become frustrated or bored with what is being taught, and they give up on it.

So, they hit the internet again in search of the next big thing, only to repeat the process all over again. Sure, they are learning a few tips from each program or system, but they are not implementing what they are learning. Most of us are looking for instant results without putting in the necessary work to get the money making opportunity off of the ground. Let me just tell you right now from experience that you are not going to get any instant results from any course, program or system out there. A real money making opportunity takes work and dedication, and most people looking for a quick buck here and there are not going to give the system a chance. Once they see that real work is going to be involved, they bolt for another opportunity.


If you are truly serious about working from home and starting up a viable home based business, you need to understand that there is going to be work involved. Offers that claim otherwise are just misleading you. Sure, there are some ways to make a quick buck on the internet, but are they truly legitimate and real home money making business opportunities. Again, being brutally honest with you, there are no instant opportunities out there. You need to work at the business just as you would any other career, as this is going to be your career if that is what you intend it to be.

Working from home is a great feeling and one that more people are experiencing. However, the people that are enjoying their success at home are the ones that put in the effort and treat their business as just that. A viable and legitimate career that they can build upon and continue to succeed in the years to come. Ultimately, success is what you make it.

Money Making Opportunity - You Need To Make It Happen

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fiverr Review: How I Got Started Article Writing on Fiverr

Article writing on Fiverr started for me about 7 months ago. Once I started I have never looked back and since that time I have written well over 800 articles on Fiverr alone. If you want to learn how I did it, follow the links. 

Millions of Services from as little as $5
For me, Article writing on Fiverr all started one day when I needed an article written on a subject that was rather easy, but I was swamped with other work and needed to outsource. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, I just needed a simple article written and I felt maybe I could spend a few dollars and have someone crunch it out for me. A friend told me about Fiverr a long time before that, but I never had taken any time to really check it out. 

So, I went on Fiverr to check out what was available as far as content writers were concerned, and I was surprised because I found several that looked as though writing an article wouldn't be a problem. So, I started to get really happy because I felt I had found a perfect source to really get a few simple articles written. Now when I say simple, the articles I'm referring to are not structured, do not require keyword placement, nor do they require any type of optimization. To me that's simple because they only need to read well, have a little structure, and have proper grammar and punctuation. 

So I found a service provider and I placed an order for an article. The waiting period was 4 days which is a long time for 1 article but hey, the person was probably busy with a day job, who knows right? 4 days later I received an email that an order was ready on Fiverr, I proceeded over to the site to retrieve my goods. I signed in and downloaded the article, opened it up and began to read. OMG, I couldn't believe what I was reading, or not reading. Honestly, the article read as though a 3rd grader put a bunch of words on paper, and forgot the proper order in which they needed to be arranged for someone to actually make sense of what was there.

Okay, I felt I didn't get what I paid for and requested this person to write another article for me, and their reply was even worse than the article they tried to write. So, I was feeling kind of bad, but I wasn't beaten down, so gullible me tried again, and again, and again. WOW, it couldn't be that bad, but it was. Now, this article isn't about the bad experience I had when I tried to get some article content on Fiverr, although I could write and easy 1000 word article on it, but rather to help people understand how life can throw you a curve ball. 

I've been writing for several years here and there about all different types of subjects, and on all types of topics. After my experience on Fiverr I began to really look at the feedback that a lot of these writers were getting, and to my surprise a lot of it was not good. Now there are always two sides to a story, as for the feedback issue that's a whole new article to be posted soon. But to get back to the story, to my astonishment there were a lot of writers that had feedback that talked about grammar, punctuation, structure, not adding something that was supposed to be in the article, and blatantly missing the deadline for delivery. 

So I thought to myself, I want to see what these writers were up against, so I joined. Within hours of joining, I got my first order. I completed the task and submitted the finished product. A couple hours later I received my first feedback, and it was a Thumbs Up. That was 7 months ago and I've been writing on Fiverr ever since. Now, I write for many different private clients as well, and many of them where referred to me by people that I have written for on Fiverr. When I hear people talk about their Fiverr experience, a lot of experiences are extremely good and people come away feeling as though they really got a good deal. On the other hand, there are those that come away feeling though they wasted $5 on something that was less than perfect or not worth the experience. 

I spent $20 dollars 7 months ago, since that time I've written 878 articles on Fiverr alone. I'm sure you can do the math on that one. That little bit of extra income comes in handy around these tough times. Now before I go, there is one thing I would like to mention and this is for all those that wish to begin or continue their writing careers, and use Fiverr as a stepping stone. Write the very best you can because your skill doesn't come from all the money you make, it comes from your ability to write, and write well. The more you practice proper writing, the better you will become, but it all begins with your ability to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. Oh, and that 20 dollars I spent 7 months ago, it's still paying off and I dare you to figure out how!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Forex Training - What Makes A Good Forex Strategy

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Forex Training - What Makes A Good Forex Strategy

Forex Strategy That Actually Works

This forex blog outline trader tips from forex friend loan about forex training. What makes a good forex strategy. If you are trying to develop a successful forex strategy for the first time, you are probably struggling a little bit in trying to figure out what works and what does not. There is so much bad information out there that the forex market itself is getting a bad name. The market isn't bad, it's just the bogus strategies that are making the market look more difficult than it is.

A good forex trading strategy will not actually be a forex system, but an analysis that breaks down several different areas of the market itself that will consistently produce a profit. Trying to predict the market is just plain foolish, what you need to do is develop a way to spot trends and quickly and accurately as possible so that you can take full advantage of them when they occur. This market is built on taking advantage of profitable trends.


If you follow trends versus trying to predict the market, you will find that you are able to keep your risk of loss lower. In order to do this, you must follow a few basic rules, in essence, this becomes your strategy. The most important that you need to become familiar with when trying to spot trends is that you must understand how the market actually works. Education or good forex training is the one key that cannot be avoided or overlooked.

Once you are in the market, you have to establish a market stop. This is your safeguard against getting yourself buried. You should never change this, it is there to protect you. Do not try and go against a loss, it is going to happen and you are just going to have to get out on your stop and reanalyze your data. There is no shame in admitting that you made a mistake as long as you learn from it. Trust me, it happens to everyone sooner or later.

Another thing that you will want to keep in mind is that as no human is perfect, no forex trading system is either. The key is in having a system that will regularly and consistently produce a profit. Taking a loss every now and then is expected, you just have to be able to control them. Follow the simple philosophy that you buy when the market is going up and sell as it begins to go down (this is a trend in case you weren't paying attention earlier) and you will do fine.

I have to emphasize this again - avoid the pratfall of trying to predict where the market will go. Try to do this and you may get lucky, but that luck could lead to overconfidence and horrible losses down the road. Taking any loss of more than 10% is almost impossible to recoup from and trying to predict a market could result in exactly that.

Forex Training - What Makes A Good Forex Strategy

Monday, 2 November 2015

The Traffic Exchange Secrets To Unstoppable Traffic

First and foremost, you should already have a complete sales process set up for your home based business, because except for a minority of marketers, it is nearly impossible to sell directly using traffic exchanges

It’s common to hear many marketers complain that traffic exchanges don’t work and they don’t use them for their work at home business. While I don’t deny that I have never made an extensive study on how these people came to such conclusions, I can only guess that these people do not really understand traffic exchanges enough to take advantage of a very powerful business platform. This article hopes to show some of the best approaches of many successful marketers who use traffic exchanges to generate unstoppable traffic for their home business opportunities. 

What To Promote In A Traffic Exchange
Many people fail to understand that you should be promoting the traffic exchange first before promoting your work at home business. These are the people who often do not have a real marketing plan for their business and follow a short term vision of making money online – lots of it and fast. They may find some initial success, however this is short-lived as their efforts are usually unsustainable. Eventually, many will be left disappointed in their home business venture.

On the contrary, having good planning that follows a business marketing plan and tracking your results is a good, sound business practice. You can start by joining many good traffic exchanges, perhaps about 10 as a start growing to as many as 40 eventually when your business grows. Your initial strategy after joining them should be to build as many referral downlines as humanly possible. Downlines are those people who join you in the same traffic exchange. Many traffic exchanges have their own rules, but most of them have unlimited downline tiers for you. 

Unfortunately, some marketers in your downline may not become your serious business partners. I would dare say if you can get a 10% good people who actively promote and build your lower tier downlines, this would be a fair result. So try to set some achievable targets like building 300 people in your downline within the next 6 months. If you focus on growing this downline, eventually you will succeed and begin to experience a massive amount of traffic visiting your site.

Use The Right Business Tools
In order to see the light of your well-conceived marketing plan or strategy, you do need to find good business tools to achieve your result. One of the best traffic generating programs that you can join is Traffic Tornado, which has 28 different traffic exchanges under its wings. This unique downline referral builder allows promoting several programs together. Besides building traffic faster, it lets you extend your marketing reach to a wider audience. Promoting these programs generates traffic from the activity of members that you introduce.

Download and use a software called Mozilla Firefox. It is a very powerful and easy to use web browser, which has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. The great thing about this program is that multiple pages can be saved as a group and reopened together (your start page addresses). You'll be able to surf with 10 of your traffic exchanges at the same time. Using this method, a surfer can easily generate a thousand hit credits within an hour. I am sure this would be a real encouragement too if you are just starting a home business.

Building An Opt-in List
Traffic Exchanges can help you grow your leads and opt-in list for your business. There are two good ways to do this by introducing Splash Page and Squeeze Page.

Splash Page
Splash pages are fast loading pages designed to get better results using the traffic exchanges. Remember always that the person viewing your page is primarily concerned with generating traffic to their site and want to do so in as little time as possible. If you have a great big long page with your offer no matter how well written the odds are against you. You need to do something creative that will grab their attention quickly.

Squeeze Page
A squeeze page is used like a splash page but with an email capture form on it from an auto responder. The best way is to find a product or write an email series to give away to get them to join up to your list.

From Leads To Customers
If you have a system to convert leads into customers, traffic exchanges can be an excellent low cost addition to your marketing portfolio. When properly used, you can generate leads at a low cost. In conclusion, you can see how a traffic exchange, if used properly, can really help your work at home business reach greater heights. If only more people take the trouble to understand it a little better, there would be lesser internet marketers proclaiming that traffic exchanges do not work.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Build Huge Downlines For More Money

Internet Marketing is one of the best ways now to promote any products and services.  Maybe some of the internet businessmen had already tried many tricks and strategies to make their businesses grow as fast as they could imagine.  Though they have joined in so programs online for promotion to get these referrals, nothing really worked.   But why do these things happen.  Maybe they did not watch more carefully in building downlines.

The true success in Multi Level Marketing is to build a huge downline.  More than enough to be a prospect and then in turn be a buyer or a user of your products and services.  Downline really makes a generous amount of money if being integrated correctly on our online business. 

Many network marketers fail to have a successful business because they do not really know how to build a good downline.  The key to your success is to build a very good downline But what are the ways to build downlines?  There are a lot of ways to do some recruiting of people to get into your network.  Just read on to find the best strategies to get you started.  

The old fashioned way of multi level marketing is somewhat very hard.  You need to really exert a lot of physical and mental effort to succeed.  Doing so eats up a lot of time and energy. Making it online makes the recruitment easier and hassle free.   

The internet is the fastest and most accurate method to use so you can generate leads.  So to say, you need to combine direct marketing online with MLM programs.  Also the internet makes it easier for you to find people who might want to take a look at your products or might be interested as well.  The Internet lets you target people who might want to join in a multi level marketing program.  Through the use of e-mail, youĂ­ll be getting leads.  If you have just a very convincing tactic when it comes to this business, you will find it very easy to persuade people to your network.  Luckily, if you made it right, you can convert them to be an active member of your team.  

Now that I have discussed the basics, I will now try to teach you to promote MLM in a direct marketing approach.  

Just follow these steps to make these things possible. 

1.  Create you own website, then set up a program that is able to capture email leads.  
2.  In that page, you need to drive targeted traffic.
3.  Report with the collected leads through the means of autoresponder.
4.  Check up on all of your conversions.  Make a separate and individual e-mail list solely for your downline members.  Then always try to ask then to sign up for your opt in list.  You must persuade them to opt in to your list.  

Now you can use this exclusive downline list to teach the newly recruits to create their own lead capture page.  These are basically the four steps which are the key to build a downline.  Apparently, you need to have the skills enough to head start your downline building, but for those who are not skilled enough there are a lot of online tips and tricks that will help you do it.  

They are certainly free, just click on your favorite search engine and start your way to achieving the best skills in downline building.  Build downlines for you and the success of your online business.  Multi level marketing when integrated with direct online marketing will be more successful and definitely will bring more money for your marketing business. Go on and build your downline.  

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

7 Blogging Tips for Increased Traffic

Whether you are just creating a blog or have one that is already active the focus is generally on getting blog traffic or more of it.
There are numerous ways to generate the traffic you want or need although some are much more effective than others.

Read further to see 7 blogging tips you can use today that are proven to generate the traffic you need or want for your site.

Whether you are just creating a blog or wanting to improve upon a site you have already launched there are certain blogging tips that will help you do both. In either case the ultimate goal is to establish and maintain a steady flow of blog traffic. As business blogs have grown in popularity so have the number of techniques used to attract site visitors. The push for new ways to increase blog traffic generally almost always lead back to the tried and true methods that have stood the test of time.

In the spirit of the old saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' here are 7 blogs tips you can use immediately to attract and maintain a flow of traffic to your site.

Prepare a Series of Posts for Launch
When initially launching your blog have a series of post containing great information prepared in advance. Being your blog is new and with no traffic you want to post these articles you have prepared right away. This will give your site a greater online presence on the basis of more content being located on your site along with capturing the attention of search engines.

Post Regularly
In the early stages of your blog you will want to post as frequently as possible because you are trying to attract as much attention (generate traffic) as possible. As your traffic increases it will in turn attract even more site visitors as 'word' gets out. You are trying to build and establish some momentum here therefore it is important to maintain a frequent schedule of posting to do this.

Once you have established a flow of blog traffic continue to post regularly so your readers will know they can expect updates from you. The frequency of your posting can be decreased at this stage but do remain on a regular schedule with your updates.

Use Relevant Domain Name
When selecting your domain name be sure that the name you pick is relevant to the theme of your blog. If your domain name is unrelated to what you are blogging about it will make it harder for search engines to find you and to establish a good flow of traffic.

Leave Comments on Other Blogs
Go out within your niche and visit other business blogs with similar or related theme to yours. Get involved in their 'discussions' when appropriate and leave comments. By maintaining a link back to your site others will be able to see what you blog about. Of course the only way you will capture anybody's attention will be with good quality comments. 

On the other hand by visiting other sites you can also expect to increase your own knowledge on the subject matter along with new ideas for setting up your site.

Encourage Reader Interaction 
Always encourage your own readers to leave comments or share their input. The more interaction you can generate the more inviting it will be for other readers to join in. This type of interactivity leads to a more popular site and an increase in blog traffic.

Submit Articles 
Write and submit articles to directories to increase your exposure online. Article submissions are a very good way to establish your credibility and create curiosity about your blog.

Maintain Quality Content
Do not slacken off with the quality of the post you put up on your blog. You may have established a good flow of traffic but one sure way to diminish this flow is by consistently posting useless content. By maintaining your level of quality you will maintain the readers' loyalty while continuing to attract even more traffic.

For those just creating a blog or those wanting to improve upon an existing site there are certain blogging tips that will greatly benefit both scenarios. As business blogs have grown in popularity so has the competition within the blogging community to attract site visitors. This has resulted in numerous new traffic generation techniques or software being introduced in an effort to meet the heavy demand for this blog traffic. Some have work while others proved to be more effort than they are worth. The blog tips we discussed here today however have proven over time to deliver the traffic you need. At a cost of little more than your own effort you can capture your share of traffic to suit any purposes you may have.